Ultimate Early Pregnancy Outfit

Early Pregnancy Outfit

Hi guys, Today I have a style post for you which I hope you’ll love. Throughout this pregnancy I have searched for an awesome pregnancy outfit so I’ve kept things casual but not everyday leggings (I wore leggings nonstop during my pregnancy with Hayden) meaning I’ve switched up my style a …

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Want It Style Wishlist Look Four– Handbags

I’m back with my ‘Want it Style Wishlist’ Series I’ve decided to post these on a Wednesday not every Wednesday though – like a Want It Style Wishlist Wednesday sort of post –  Pretty sweet yah?! I’m still focusing on my favourite adult seasonal trends that I want and wish to have. …

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Finding Online Fashion in Record Time

Shopping for clothes when you have kids is a challenge. Pre-children, we all get told about the sleepless nights and the extra costs, but did anyone warn you that you wouldn’t be able to spare even a few hours to browse your favourite stores and treat yourself occasionally? Any free …

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Get Back Into The Swing Of Winter Style!

As much as we all love your kids, they’re can be a huge drain on our finances not to mention our winter style. The price of a certain toys for your children seems to be engineered to send us spiralling into bankruptcy and it’s always that specific toy that they want. And as …

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Winter Is Coming: Time To Get Fashionable

Winter is coming – and although it’ll probably be a bit less miserable than Game of Thrones, you can bet your woollen mittens it’ll be just as chilly.  Have you ever tried staying fashionable during the cold snap? Head to the wrong store and it’s like trying to shave a …

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Want It Style Wishlist Look Three – Camisole Top

Camisole Top

As you’ve noticed I don’t actually have a regular weekly post, but I wish I had started sooner as my Want It Style Wishlist is seeming popular. I created a new style post called ‘Want it Style Wishlist’ to focus on my favourite adult and child trends season by seasons that …

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Want It Style Wishlist Look Two – Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans

Recently I started my first regular post Wishlist Long Grey Cardigan, I wanted to post more regular style posts and have decided to create a new style post called ‘Want it Style Wishlist’. I will be focusing on my favourite adult and child trends season by seasons that I want and wish to have.  From …

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Ben de Lisi Continues to Make his Mark in the World of Fashion

Born on 31st May 1955, Ben de Lisi gained an interest in fashion after moving in with his grandmother in New York. She taught him about needlework and how to revive clothing and give it a new lease of life, as they couldn’t afford to keep buying new clothing at …

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Want It Style Wishlist Look One – The Long Grey Cardigan

Recently I realised I don’t actually have a regular weekly post, so I wanted to post more regular style posts and have decided to create a new style post called ‘Want it Style Wishlist’. I will be focusing on my favourite adult and child trends season by seasons that I want and wish …

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Must Have Wallet Trends 2015

Wallet Treads 2015

Not every woman thinks of a wallet as an essential piece in her wardrobe, but those who don’t miss a unique opportunity to whip her favourite bags into shape and look great doing it. The right wallet can enhance the look of a handbag by providing a complimentary texture or …

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Italian Brand David Swimwear Second Season In The UK and Worldwide Giveaway

David Swimwear

Italian brand David swimwear is available to buy now in stores such as and and is in its second season in the UK. The David Swim family is split into three groups – A young, dynamic range called “David Fashion” – A sophisticated shaping selection called “David Solutions” (featuring …

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Matalan Maternity Checklist plus £50 Voucher

Matalan Maternity Checklist

Good Morning you lovely lot, The sun is shining and I am in a very happy mood – I’m always happy when the suns out! Aren’t you? Today I have something exciting to show you and offer you… Ooowww! I’ve teamed up with the lovely Matalan to show you their …

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My summer style: Causal #OOTD

OOTD The Watch Hut

We’ve been having some really weird & deceiving weather lately but that seriously doesn’t stop me from planning a whole load of summer fun! Starting off the fun would have to be the outfit… I love planning what I’m going to wear out. Not just for myself but for Hayden also. I …

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Skinny Jeans, your LBD… Items of clothing you should never let go of

Versatile, classic, top quality and generally black. There are some items of clothing that you should never let go of. No matter what your style or circumstance, a wardrobe lacking any of these items is just not worth having. They should be the basis of any modern girl’s everyday wardrobe. …

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HotSquash – Stay Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer

  With more colder weather on the way (expect snow in most parts of the UK) I wanted to share with you guys this awesome women’s wear brand HotSquash. They are a fashion brand with hidden technology and temperature regulated products.     How Do These Clothes Work? HotSquash uses …

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#OWNIT Own Your Body Shape and Giveaway

Its a New Year, New You, New Shapes – OWN IT! Leading fashion etailer boohoo has created a guide on how to refresh your wardrobe for 2014, with this season’s new key pieces to flatter your figure and get you looking stylish, whatever your body shape. The bottom line? Don’t …

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Fancy Getting Tshirts Printed? Review

What do you when you’re hosting an event or even attending an event and what to get your blog name or brand out there! Wear your logo on show for all to see!! Check out this little caterpillar modelling Port Avenue Logo proud! Gaaa I love his little face. We …

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Perfect Party Attire with Marks and Spenser’s Matching Fashionistas Challenge

Christmas and New Years is known as the Party Season either the work Christmas party, partying with friends and family for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day or the ultimate party on New Years Eve to bring in that new year. The question always remains what should I wear? Whats on …

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