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How to Design Your Bathroom With Safety In Mind

design your bathroom

Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home? Look around and you’ll find plenty of slippery, hard surfaces, plus of course the presence of water. A potential recipe for disaster. Sadly, more than 235,000 people over the age of 15 years are …

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How To Know When To Replace Your Garden Shed

garden shed

When you’re trying to sell your property, there are a lot of different elements that will affect the value. One of these factors is a simple as having a garden shed. Buyers will like having this extra space to keep their things. They even think about its potential to be …

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The Key to Finding a London Home

London Home

Looking for a home in London is tough. It’s not just more expensive than in smaller towns and cities, demand is so high that the market moves incredibly quickly. It’s not rare for people to view a flat. Then hear it has been rented to someone else before you’ve had …

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Making Life a Little Easier – Hacks For Your New Home

Hacks For Your New Home

You’ve just moved to a new house, congratulations! Fancy some hacks for your new home? You’ve got (most of) the boxes unpacked, you’ve met the neighbours, you know which day is bin day and you’ve finally located all the things you thought you’d lost in the chaos of the move! …

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How to make your kitchen appear larger than it is

Kitchen Appear Larger

Your kitchen is the heart of your home,  so you want to make your experience of it as good as it can be. There are several tactics you can employ to optimise the sense of space in your kitchen, here are a few ideas on how to go about it: …

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4 Ways to Improve Your Bedroom Before Winter Sets In

While it’s still autumn its a great time to improve your bedroom before winter sets in. After all, you don’t want to be buying new furniture, rugs, and wardrobes with ice on the ground and it’s slippery underfoot when hauling the items indoors. Here are four ways to redecorate your …

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How to Redesign Your Child’s Room on a Tight Budget

If your child’s room is looking a little worse for wear then it’s probably time to revamp the room. So, what happens if you’ve got a tight budget to work within – is a redesign still possible? Not only is a redesign possible but you can also get pretty creative …

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Introduction to Art Deco Lighting Design

Art Deco is a highly decorative design movement that began in the 1920’s and ran through to the 1930’s and beyond. Its architects produced many wonderful buildings all over the world – just take a look at New York, Miami, Barcelona or Paris for beautiful examples of Art Deco buildings. …

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How to prepare for a long – distance move

long-distance move

Whether you’re relocating for work, study or for a loved one, a long distance move is exciting – though it doesn’t come without its own unique set of challenges. Here are some ways for long distance movers to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible: Plan, plan, plan (and …

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5 Ways To Incorporate Colour Into Your Master Bedroom

Incorperate Colour

When you incorporate colour into your bedroom it can be pretty significant. Studies have shown that some colours, by their very nature, are better suited to encouraging a good night’s sleep. A survey for hotel chain Travelodge found that people with a blue bedroom get seven hours 52 minutes sleep a …

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Beginners Guide To Home Improvements

home improvements

I don’t know why but I always want to start a DIY home project or some sort of home improvements in the winter. So what better to offer you guys then a Beginners Guide To Home Improvements? This year I’m a bit bummed as with the pregnancy I can’t do too much …

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Home Decor Indoor Bedroom Lighting

In all honestly I wasn’t born with an interior design bone in my body but over the years I have managed to get the hang of colour coordinating and matching pieces together. When decorating on kids projects it’s comes so much easier for me, especially as Hayden likes things colourful so I can …

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Top Tips For Renting As A Family

Finding the right property for renting whether it be an 3 bedroom house, 2 bedroom flat or even a house boat on the canal can be so difficult to find. Finding what you love let alone what you want and need for a decent price is frustrating, then throw kids into the …

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7 Essentials Every Child’s Playhouse Needs

Getting a first class Wendy house or wooden playhouse for your children could be one of the best decisions you make as a parent. It creates endless hours of fun as your children make up secret club rules, decorate the house as they see fit and act out fantastical scenarios, …

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An eco-friendly guide to designing the perfect kitchen

As a human, you’ll no doubt care deeply about the environment in some way or another. I started off caring with our first switch from using disposable nappies to cloth nappies. It was such a hard transition & I didn’t always feel like I wanted to (a lot of hard work) but …

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Perfect Bedroom Styles For Children

Every child should be the proud owner of a space that’s exclusively his or hers. Your child’s bedroom is a place in which to rest and relax, play and read, and, later on, invite friends to hang out; it’s a space for quiet contemplation or noisy games and the one …

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Apartment Nursery Decor Tips

When you have your first child, there’s a steep learning curve.  While you tick off your baby’s ‘firsts’, you’re doing the same for yourself: first time breast-feeding, first-time bathing a baby, first time decorating a nursery!? And where do you start when you’ve never done it before? Here’s what I …

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Preparing for a Baby

Preparing for a baby

Pregnancy lasts a long time, but before you know it, the 40 weeks are up and you’ll more than likely feel a mixture of excited, scared, emotional and unprepared. You’ve read the books, been to the classes and seen the midwife countless times, but can you ever really feel completely …

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