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7 Steps to Maintain Fit and Healthy Feet

Healthy Feet

Our feet are the foundation that underpins our human physique and supports our body weight. They do an awful lot of work. Did you know that the average person takes around 7,500 steps per day. Which adds up to an impressive 1,300 miles every single year? In order to maintain …

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Raise Healthy Kids with These 9 Secrets

Healthy Kids Secrets

It is imperative that when it comes to your kids’ health, you must always be up and ready to do anything that’s best for them. One of the greatest outcomes you get out from this is seeing them happy and full of enthusiasm. Although spending time and playing with your …

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Vitality – #WomenInSport

Vitality Women In Sport

Last month I agreed to take part in a campaign organised by Vitality. It was all about inspiring women to join team sports and enjoying all the surprising benefits from it that you don’t initially think about. Recently there has been a big push to get more women active and …

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3 Top Tips to Lose Weight Without Sacrificing

You don’t always have to go through a long and painful diet to lose that extra weight. Obviously weight loss can very often be a lengthy process, but a sudden sacrifice with your diet should be replaced either by more strategical choices or even low-risk cosmetic surgery options. What really …

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Why Do So Many People Choose Cosmetic Surgery?

The number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures each year is on the rise. Although previously confined to the realm of Hollywood and celebrities, more and more everyday folk are heading under the knife to alter their appearance, improve their self-confidence, and improve their health. Here are the top three …

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How To: Avoid Bad Hair Days This Winter

Nothing kills a good mood quicker than a bad hair day. You know the ones, right? When no matter what you do, your wild mop seems to take on a mischievous life of its own, purposely sitting the wrong way and refusing to stay in place despite the bottle of …

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How to Break the “Curse” of Big Boobs

Big boobs can be a godsend sometimes. After all, once you start creeping above a D cup you don’t have to worry about filling out a dress or spending hours contouring to achieve a mind-blowing cleavage. But, at other times, they’re the absolute bane of your life. If you’ve ever wasted …

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7 Ways To Treat The Discomfort Of Back Pain

Back Pain

Did you know that back pain is one of the biggest reasons for work absence and sick leave? If you think about it, back problems are a central issue for all companies – especially in office environments – and should not be ignored. Are you sitting comfortably on your office …

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#SwisseFamilies – We’re Part of the Swisse Vitamins Campaign

If you read this blog a lot you’d know I’m not the most active person in our family when it comes keeping fit so we were over the moon to be asked to team up with Swisse Vitamins #SwisseFamilies. In case you didn’t know Swisse is Australia’s number one vitamin brand which can also be …

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Keep Motivated and Stay Fit: 5 Tips to help keep you on Track

With January now out of the way and the New Year now in full motion, February is the time when, we can find ourselves slipping back into our old ways. Many people start a fitness program or, want to start to eat healthier in January, but they may stop when …

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Relieve Stress with These Tips

Stress is simply a part of life, and while we cannot eliminate it completely, there are a number of things we can do to minimise its effects on our productivity and happiness & relieve stress. Following on from my Improve Your Relationship With Yourself TODAY you’ll find many different strategies that you can …

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3 Ways Personal Training Courses Strengthen Your Career

If you’re fond of hanging around the weight room in figure hugging spandex, flexing your guns in the mirror and doling out free fitness advice to those who wouldn’t know a treadmill from a jute mill, you’re probably every gym goers worst nightmare.  Whilst you may have the best of …

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Imune Nurture: Build Up Your Kids Immunity

We we’re given the opportunity to test out the Imune Nurture  – The natural drink for healthy kids. The drink consisted of fruity water  (50% water/50% juice) & immune support. We hardly give Hayden fruit juice, maybe a glass of orange juice once and awhile but he mainly drinks water so …

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Hayden’s Allergy Test Update and The Life Saving Epipen

Hayden had his follow-up appointment for an allergy test at Whitechapel Hospital a few months ago. I thought it would be the perfect lifestyle post to link up to London Bloggers 24 Hours in… Linky. Here’s my 24 Hours in a allergy life. Breakfast consisted of Gluten Free O’s from Nature’s Path …

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Avoid Eye Wrinkles And Look Young And Beautiful

One of the earliest signs of aging are wrinkles on various areas and especially on the face. Dark circles, wrinkles under the eyes, crow’s feet and under-eye bags are some of thecommon signs that points towards aging and deteriorated  skin conditions.  Getting wrinkles with age is still fine but in …

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Invisalign The Invisible Braces Craze

When I was younger a lot of my friends had braces and of course I wanted them too but was always told by the dentist that I don’t need them – Even I knew that but it was worth a try. It was a bit of a craze back then especially …

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Eczema 101 – Salcura Bioskin Junior

We were given the opportunity to review a lovely selection of products from the Salcura Bioskin Junior range. All of their products are completely free from artificial fragrance, Steroids, Paraffin, Parabens & Lanolin. Read about each product and see our thoughts. First Impressions: – Simple but effective packaging – No weird after odors …

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The Allergy and Free From Show

I attended The Allergy and Free From show with my mum, Hayden and sister Bei from – It was my very first time at the allergy & free from show but it certainly will not my last. The Allergy & Free From Show, Europe’s largest event for families living with …

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