Thank you for your interest in working with Berice Baby Blog! You can read all about my blog and how it got started in the About section in the main menu. We would love to work with your company and help with advertisement/promotion to our readers and followers. We have a wide selection of readers and followers that you’ll be able to see from a few basic statics gathered below about this blog.

What we offer
Reviews (destination, service, and product) | Press trips |  Sponsored posts | Sidebar advertising | Social media advertising  – Please email me for my full media kit including all advertising details and price inquiries.

Site Demographics
Berice Baby’s primary audiences come out of the United Kingdom (60%) and United States (14%) followed by Russia, France, Germany and Austria. Berice Baby’s Language readers are both male (19%) and female (80%), with a median age of 25-34. The vast majority are Movie Lovers, Shoppers, TV Lovers, Family Focused and Travel Buffs.
I have over 700 post published on and 9,900+ comments were readers are engaged with comments and on social media.

Blog Numbers
Social Media Statistics:

  • Bloglovin: 2,500+
  • Twitter: 6,900+
  • Facebook Page: 3,600+
  • Google+: 900+ (2,000,000+ views)
  • Instagram: 1,500+
  • Youtube: 1,900+
  • Pinterest: 2,100+
  • Klout Score: 57

Ready to work with me?
Email inquiries to – This email address is checked daily, so you can expect a quick response. To make sure your emails don’t find itself in the dreaded spam folder please use the contact form on the contact page

Only serious inquiries will be considered.
Any unpaid advertising or marketing requests will be ignored and marked as spam.


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