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Welcome to [Blog Name Coming Soon] I am a mummy of two, H1 born 2012 & H2 born 2017 & a content creator. I write about family living day-to-day while living in London. Starting out my journey on YouTube sharing my pregnancy with my first child weekly, there was a considerable amount of people interested in us and our day-to-day life – This is how the website was created in 2012.
On this blog you’ll find:
 Family Days out | Gift guides | Reviews | Giveaways | Child & Mummy Style | Family Life | Free From Foods  Recipes | Press Events | YouTube Videos | Fun Tag Posts | Blog Post Link Ups

If you would like to know any more about [Blog Name Coming Soon] or have any blog post or YouTube videos requests please email me at charlotte@bericebaby.co.uk and I will try my best to make them happen.

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  1. Hi from Nassau, Bahamas! Stumbled across this while searching for yet another calendar desktop. I change them every few days. Just put up the one with all of the autumn coloured triangles, at least that’s what it looks like to me 🙂 Your surname also caught my eye as we have Braithwaites here. I had a Bajan uncle but have to ask my cousin exactly which part of Barbados her dad was from (he came to the Bahamas as a policeman in the ’50s). End End, huh? My husband is an East End Boy and longtime Westham United supporter. I’ve been to London 5 or 6 times and will probably be there in 2017 for a family event. Your blog looks interesting and I’ll be back (even though our girls are 27 & 19 🙂 )

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