The Best Entertainment Devices For Mums

When it comes to technology, nowadays, it feels like there is almost nothing it cannot do. There are so many ways that technology can entertain us, from gaming and films to music and eBooks. Mums cannot spend all of their time looking after and entertaining the kids – you also need to think about yourself. Here are the best entertainment devices for mums.

Your phone

You probably already own a smartphone, but you might not be using it to its full entertainment potential. Your smartphone is a mini computer with many of the same capabilities. If you like reading, then you can get the Kindle app or something similar – extensive eBook libraries mean that you have so many options. There are also great apps for streaming music, with either subscription or purchasing-based payment models. Both the App Store and the Google Play Store have plenty of options for your gaming needs so whatever OS you have, you will be able to game hard. Of course, you will also have access to the internet via your phone so everything on there is available to entertain you.

The Sims


You might not own a laptop already, but they are still excellent for so many forms of entertainment. They are well-suited to films and television because they have reasonably-sized screens – perfect for watching a film in bed on. Laptops also have a huge library of games for you to play, including old titles like The Sims and Age of Empires. If you don’t want to spend money on buying games, then there are lots of games available to play in your browser. Racing, action, puzzle – there are all sorts of games to enjoy. You can also play on online casinos – try playing the slots with Stakers and perhaps win some money. The modern slots, with their impressive graphics, are a great form of entertainment but don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.


These are the mid-ground between your smartphone and your laptop, offering you some of the advantages of both. You get a larger screen than you do on your smartphone, so they are perfect for watching films and TV on. Netflix and Amazon both have great apps that are easy to find and watch things on. The larger screen also makes games easier to play because everything is larger, and you have more space to touch and control on. First person shooters, especially, are much easier to play on tablet than they are on mobile. There are lots of great tablets to choose from, including the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, the Amazon Fire HD 8 and 10, the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Asus ZenPad 3S 10.


Even mums need entertainment sometimes and these devices are well-suited to delivering. Whether you want films, TV, games, books or music, these devices will allow you to enjoy them. When the kids have finally been prised off the iPad to stop them playing Fortnite and have been put to bed, be sure to take some time out for your personal entertainment.


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