Dream Wedding Beach

Pack Your Bags – Planning The Dream Wedding Overseas

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The dream of tying the knot overseas and planning the dream wedding isn’t actually so hard to attain; in fact, many brides and grooms are jetting off to do exactly that, and the trend is growing quickly. Considering just how many couples spend on weddings here in the UK, once all the expenses are covered. It’s not a surprise to learn that venturing abroad can often come in at a lower cost for the couple in question. As well as being a more affordable option for the big day itself. It’s also an opportunity to link up the wedding and honeymoon to. So it all comes under the same fee.

Admittedly, it’s likely to cost your guests more to attend, but many brides and grooms secretly relish this; it certainly cuts down the guest list. Meaning you’re far less likely to find random next door neighbours and your mum’s third cousin twice removed in the front pew. Instead of having to juggle tender egos and family politics. You can leave it up to them to decide. If they aren’t prepared to part with some cash to be there for you, how much do you really want them there anyway?

Obviously, if your family members or friends are facing hardships and really unable to afford it, you might have to readjust your plans slightly. But there’s always the option of throwing a party at home once you return as man and wife. If you can dream it, you can do it, or so the saying goes. So don’t make compromises on what you and your new husband or wife really want. You’re only planning to get married once, so make sure you do it on your own terms.

Dream Wedding Beach

Here are some top tips on how to plan an awesome wedding overseas:

Use the resources

Often, resorts and destinations that offer weddings overseas have brilliant and well-equipped planners and teams that can help you. It’s well worth allowing these to assist, as it will leave you to enjoy planning the wedding without all the stress, and you’ll feel well supported throughout.

Check reviews

it’s unlikely that you will be the very first wedding held at your chosen destination. Find out as much as you can about the weddings gone by and learn from their experiences. Many destinations will have testimonials freely available. These can be very helpful when you’re trying to imagine your own big day and work out what you want.

Stick to your guns

When planning any wedding, you’re likely to get all kinds of opinions. Going abroad doesn’t make you immune to this. Stick to your guns if you get challenged or questioned and make sure you don’t make compromises for anyone other than your beau.

Keep the details quiet

this is far easier for a wedding abroad and follows in the same vein as the tip above. The more you keep to yourself ‘as a surprise’, the more you can retain control over without anyone else clouding your judgement or trying to weigh in. When you are less hands on, which is usually the case with weddings abroad, it’s easier to keep quiet about how the napkins will be folded and other matters that might divide opinion and stress you out.

Dream Wedding Beach

Be a stickler for detail its your dream wedding after all

Usually the teams that organise the weddings are particularly militant about this, but if not then make sure you are. You will need all the details; the room placement for the guests staying, the schedule for the day, all the who’s, where’s and when’s for the day and any other celebrations.

Request a run through

To put your mind at rest and give you a chance to iron out any wrinkles before they arise, it’s a good idea to request a run through. A rehearsal of the big day before hand will work well. This should just be with the wedding party members, not the guests. Try to make sure all members of the wedding party will be around and available for at least one day before the ceremony itself.

Don’t settle for expensive flights

By all means choose the dates you want your wedding, but search for flights within a few days or even weeks of those dates to check on any possible savings. You will find that the price of flights can change dramatically over the course of a few days and will be much more expensive on the weekends.

Having a wedding abroad is a lovely way to celebrate your love for one another. Your love to the people around you and will prove to be a holiday to remember. By taking yourself away from the everyday grind and venturing off to somewhere exotic. Be that a sunny beach in the Caribbean or a sprawling vineyard in the Italian countryside. You will make a whole holiday out of the wedding, and what a beautiful foundation for a group vacation that is.


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