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Royal Caribbean recently invited us to enjoy a fun family day out to celebrate their beautiful ship Independence of the Seas. The ship is undergoing  a multi-million pound makeover and will be even more extraordinary when she sets sail again next year!

Independence of the Seas will be full of incredible family activities, so we were challenged to recreate several onboard activities, on land, in one fun-filled family day out! It was only a little glimpse of the experiences and activities families have access to onboard the amazing ship Independence of the Seas but it was a fantastic day!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my Instagram Stories on the day. It was a truly , fun and eventful family day out for us all.

Our morning started off traveling out of London to take part in our first activity, swimming at a water park. This was Hudson’s first time swimming and our first time all in the water at the same time. It was so much fun!  Independence of the Seas will have  an even more impressive H2O Zone – a watery paradise that kids young and old will love, with wacky sculptures, water cannons and fountains to explore while us parents relax poolside.

Next stop was lunch.
We stopped off at a tasty fish & ship shop, because there will also be a fish & chip shop onboard Independence of the Seas called “Fish & Ships”! The service was lovely and so was our food.

It was snowing on the day of our challenge so the kids were enjoying the snow while stuffing their faces. The shop also serves a Gluten Free menu that amazed me. Onboard the ship they have amazing food to suit everyone’s taste buds and accommodate for guests’ dietary needs

After we finished our lunch we traveled over to an ice-skating rink. I can’t lie I was nervous for Hayden to try Ice Skating but he was proper looking forward to it. Unfortunately Hudson was too young to take part and it was his nap time so I didn’t get to take part also.

One of the benefits of taking part in any activity on the ship while you have kids would be their award-winning complimentary childcare onboard. The boys had a blast skating around and having fun on the ice.

Up next was fun treat time! We went to a lovely desert parlour and even Hudson got to enjoy a sweet treat which he loved. Onboard the ship they actually have a Ben & Jerry’s as well as ‘Sugar Beach’! Yep! Sounds lush right?

Last stop on our legendary day out was a trampoline park!
We had so much fun bouncing around to end the day. We pretty much stayed until closing and Hayden was gutted his day had ended. I thought he would have been ridiculously tired but he wanted more. One of the great things I’ve noticed about the ship is that you’d be able to do any activities you want on whatever day you want. I love the thought of having access to all these activities, but can you imagine how much easier if would be if they were all in one place on the ship! It would be incredible and you wouldn’t have to worry about traveling around!

We took part in 3 activities, 2 places to eat and there were 2 adults and 2 kids so a pretty expensive day out if you think about it.  If we were to have a holiday onboard the ship all the activities are free on Independence of the Seas in 2018. So a full fun packed day out like this would be completely doable. Perfect.

I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise and I have my sights set on doing so with my family without a doubt. We have only been on holiday as a family to Barbados and that’s to stay with my mum and dad. Cruising while visiting different countries would be phenomenal extraordinary experience.

Not to mention the ship docking in Southampton, which would mean no flights (no one really enjoys flying with kids, let’s be honest), no airports stresses, all you need to do is drive to Southampton and you’re ready to start that ultimate holiday of a lifetime!

I can’t wait to visit Independence of the Seas in May and taking my little tribe along with me onboard. It’s going to be such an experience.

Have you been on a cruise holiday? Do you plan on taking your family on one?
I would love to know!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x



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  1. I’ve never been on a cruise before but it sounds like they have so many amazing activities on board for families to enjoy. And a lot cheaper to enjoy then doing them all in one day on land x

  2. I have wanted to go a cruise for a while. I would love to go from Miami to Cuba as it looks amazing. Have you watched Jane Mcdonald’s cruising show? It was excellent

  3. We’ve been on a cruise as a family. It was ok but not sure we’re in a hurry to do another one to be honest. I think your day out sounds more fun!

  4. I have wanted to try and cruise for many years but I’m always worried that the kids would get bored and then we are stuck. This all sounds incredible and I love the fact that Hayden got to skate as well

  5. I have not been on a cruise holiday but it is something I would love to do. I think it would be great to do when our toddler is a little older.

  6. I would love to go on a cruise but husband is too scared of boats. Looks amazing

  7. What a lovely experience. It sounds like the day was well organised nad there were so many fun activities to participate in.

  8. What a lovely experience. It sounds like the day was well organised nad there were so many fun activities to participate in.

  9. I was lucky enough to go on a cruise on this ship for my 40th a few years ago. It is an incredible ship with so much to do. We all loved it. Kaz