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Living With: Hybrid Stroller Unboxing – BabyStyle

We are so lucky to be working with the lovely BabyStyle brand on road testing their very practical new Hybrid Stroller. Winter 2016 was the launch of The Hybrid Stroller and it was a success, unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but from the reviews I saw everyone loved it . We received ours and I want to give you the full lowdown of what this beautiful head-turning stroller has to offer.

I’ve put together a photo heavy post and a lot of information to give you on all the ins and outs of what to expect when unboxing the stroller for the first time.

This brand of BabyStyle stroller comes in 3 different styles. The Hybrid Edge, The Hybrid Tandem & The Hybrid City. You can turn the stroller into each style with a few added accessories. We have the Edge in the stunning colour Mineral Blue, with added optional accessories: Carrycot, footmuff, changing bag & adaptors both the car seat and height adaptors. 

Hybrid Stroller UnboxingHybrid Stroller

Contents are as followed:

  • Stroller Base including 4 removable wheels.
  • Carrycot
  • Stroller Seat
  • Footmuffs in two styles 
  • Raincovers for the carrycot and stroller seat
  • 2 fly nets
  • Hight Adaptors 
  • Car Seat Adaptors
  • Changing bag

Let me tell you how much I adore how stylish our pushchair looked after assembling it, those big wheels are to die for – I absolutely love them. I also think that the brown complements this shade of blue perfectly. I’m not sure if it’s just me but getting a new stroller is like getting a new car, I’m pretty sure it’s not just me.

Below I will show two different photos of the Hybrid stroller carrycot. One with the adaptor and one with out – you’ll be able to see the difference in hight. 
Having the adaptor on the stroller gives it that added hight, it’s a bit like how a Range would tower over most other cars giving that little edge to it and prestige like feeling to it (sorry to mention a car again)

Hybrid StrollerHybrid Stroller

I want to show you how it will look with the stroller seat instead of the carrycot.
As you can see I have added the adaptors again – giving it that added hight, also meaning baby is closer to you.
See below for the stroller in full recline also its pretty much lay flat which I love.

Hybrid StrollerHybrid Stroller

The adaptors

The Hybrid stroller is designed with a lower centre of gravity for the best strolling and flow. The Hybrid designers however have developed Height Increasers, an extra accessory which can be used with the carrycot (in pram-mode) or with the seat unit (in pushchair-mode – edge, tandem and city configurations) and with any compatible car seat (in travel-system mode). Designed to raise the strolling height by about 10cm, these handy accessories are perfect for strolling in town, sitting down for something to eat, or providing more room for the child in the lower tandem seat.

They are sold separately but I would defiantly recommend them they are easy to attach, not bulky and easy to store away when not in use. They give you that option to change the stroller as and when you want.

Hybrid Stroller

“Selecting the right stroller is as much about personality as it is design or functionality. It’s important you have confidence in the build quality, the durability and long-term use of your stroller, perhaps even for use with a second child.
The Hybrid Stroller takes modern living in its stride as the perfect everyday stroller providing families with a stylish, practical, comfortable and convenient solution when venturing out together.”

The basket

The basket is always a major deal for most people who shop around for the perfect travel system. Is it big enough? Is it deep enough? Will the changing bag or shopping fit down there?
I know that’s always high on my list. I’m really happy with the basket on the Hybrid Stroller its the perfect size and you can always adjust it to suite your needs with the push-down flap

“The Hybrid stroller has a generous shopping basket and a fold down lip, making it easily accessible, particularly if it’s being used with the Hybrid changing bag as a changing station.”


The handles of the stroller has a very easy lock and release, push up – push down feature. The handle bars come up to a decent hight for the tallest of people. The bumper bars are covered by soft-touch hand-stitched leatherette which gives it that luxury look and feel.

Close & Lock Feature

The lock feature is super easy to use, flip the handle all the way up and pull the button all the way down the stroller will then collapse and you’re able to store the stroller away conveniently. You can also fold the stroller away with the seat attached which is brilliant for storing in the boot of the car or traveling on public transport.

The travel-lock automatically engages with the frame of the stroller when it’s folded and keeps the chassis closed nicely.

The Brake

The brakes are one of my favorite, quick and super easy and can be done with your foot and with flip-flops on.
You’ll know when the breaks are locked the step will be at an angle and all you’ll have to do is push the stroller after locking and you’ll hear it click.
That way you’ll know if it’s locked.


Shop the Hybrid Stroller at www.hybridstroller.com

I will be going into so much more depth of what this stroller can do and how I feel about living with the Hybrid Edge from BabyStyle. If you want to know anything specific please give me a shout.

Hydrid Stroller Pinterest

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purpose of a
review. All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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