Encourage Self-Motivation

Four Ways to Encourage Self-Motivation in Your Child

Self-motivation is something many people struggle with as adults. Without self-motivation, people can find it hard to start and finish tasks, set goals, reach their goals, and feel satisfaction in life. One of the best ways you can make sure that self-motivation is possible is to encourage children while they are still young. This provides them with the tools they need to succeed.

So what skills, tools, and tips can you use with kids that will encourage self-motivation? Here are some simple ideas you can start using today.

Teach Them About Positive Thoughts

It’s very easy to get caught up in negative feelings and thoughts and once that happens it can be pretty hard to break out of the cycle. Teaching kids to have a positive outlook on life will help to encourage positive thoughts and optimism. They will be able to approach new situations and problems in a positive manner, which increases their odds of success.

If your child is young you will probably need to help them figure out how to turn that negative into a positive. For example, maybe they are worried about starting a new school year because they don’t know anyone. Instead, flip it around and make it about the excitement of meeting a whole new group of friends.

Encourage Self-Motivation

Give Thought to Their Education

Rather than just enrolling your child in the local public school, you may want to give thought to a private school education instead. These schools offer much smaller class sizes, which can help children to excel at a faster rate. Once they taste a bit of that success at school, they are going to want more, which means they will be motivating themselves to work harder.

The Polam School is an independent school in Bedfordshire and an excellent example of the kind of private education that helps kids to learn about self-motivation. Kids are given all kinds of wonderful opportunities to learn and broaden their horizons.

Encourage a Lifestyle That is Balanced

A balanced lifestyle is best for anyone. If there is too much emphasis placed on studies, playtime, or socialising, other areas will suffer. Kids need to have a well-balanced schedule that also includes downtime. This ensures that they will always be at their best and feel motivated to continue.

Recognise the Effort They Are Making

While it’s great to succeed at a task, effort should be the focus. Anytime your child makes an effort and really puts their all into a task or activity they should receive praise. This positive reinforcement will act as a huge motivating factor moving forward.

Self-Motivation Should Be Taught at an Early Age

Self-motivation isn’t something most kids just learn or pick up on their own. What that means is that it’s up to parents to teach them what self-motivation is through various techniques and exercises. No age is too early to begin this lesson. Even as a toddler, you can already be teaching them about trying and not giving up, looking at things in a positive light, and providing them with plenty of encouragement and praise.


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