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Skin Care Tips For A Lazy Girl

It’s really easy to overcomplicate your daily skin care routine, use our list of quick skin care tips to make sure you get the most out of it.

Declutter your cupboard
Get rid of the products you’re not utilising – particularly if they’re occupying valuable space. Clearing unused products from your shelf ensures you don’t reach for the incorrect one when you’re rushing. After all, you don’t want to accidentally use a product that has passed its use-by date as they contain harmful bacteria which could cause things like rashes and irritation. 

Quench your thirst
For beautiful, glowing skin, make sure you drink enough water on a daily basis. This will ensure your skin is constantly hydrated enough to work at its greatest. By doing this, skin cells, made mostly from water, don’t become damaged as water assists in flushing harmful toxins from your skin and body. You won’t need to only use revitalising creams to make sure your skin remains plump. 

Get some sleep
Getting the recommended 6 – 8 hours a night allows your body to revive skin through a process called microcirculation. While you’re resting your body circulates more blood and oxygen to your skin, repairing damage and building necessary cells. So, getting the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep will make sure you won’t need to remedy puffy eyes, dark circles or dull, sleep-deprived skin

Try an SPF moisturiser
It is vital that you protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays as they cause wrinkles. Failing to do so will damage important skin cells and weaken fibres called elastin and collagen. This will cause a process called photoaging, which results in premature wrinkles and saggy skin. So, it’s imperative that you apply a sensible SPF to your skin each morning. 

skin care tips

Clean your face
Ensure that you remove the day’s dirt and cleanse your face before going to bed. You might not be able to see or feel it but by the end of the day your skin is covered in germs that can clog pores. Going to bed without washing your face will inhibit microcirculation, the process where skin is revived. As a result, bacteria will cling to your skin’s pores, causing acne breakouts and premature wrinkles. 

Try night masks
While your skin goes through microcirculation, allow overnight products to further revive skin. They’re ideal as you only have to open, apply and rinse the following morning. 

Switch to silk pillowcases
Cotton pillowcases tend to absorb germs, dirt and moisture from your skin. Over time this builds up and clings to your skin, clogging pores. As a result, this causes acne breakouts. The constant friction of the cotton against your skin, causes a breakdown in collagen and, as a result, wrinkles. This is easily remedied by purchasing a satin pillow case. 

Have a backup beauty bag
Backup beauty bags are ideal for people prone to forgetfulness. No matter what the situation, your backup beauty bag ensures you have all skin care essentials, like make-up wipes and skin cream. One benefit, is that you will always have extras should your products run out before you expect them to.


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