Mediterranean Cruise Tips

Top Seven Reasons To Cruise The Mediterranean With Your Family

The Mediterranean holds a special place for so many holidaymakers. One of the best ways to experience its charms is on a family cruise.
Here are seven reasons why:

The Deals

Mediterranean cruises are one of the most popular types of holiday for many families these days, and it’s easy to see why. You get the benefit of seeing lots of different destinations, modern cruise ships have lots of superb facilities, and you only have to unpack once! The price of the latest cruise deals is also very attractive to today’s holidaymakers. Securing last minute or late deals on family cruises can mean you get rock-bottom prices. Great value for money!

There is Nowhere More Relaxing

Sometimes family holidays can be quite stressful to organise, but rest assured, once you step out on deck on your Mediterranean cruise you’ll feel all those cares floating away.With its regular sunshine, inspiring landscapes, delicious food and warm people, there aren’t many more relaxing places than the Mediterranean on the planet. Whether you are lying on a sun-drenched beach or gently strolling through a dusty town on a lazy afternoon, the Mediterranean is the perfect place to take it easy. 

Amazing Cruise Ships

The ships that cruise the Mediterranean range from small, intimate boats to large oasis-class cruise ships that are almost like mini cities. Whether you have a small or a large family, the right ship for you is just a few clicks away as there are some fantastic online cruise providers out there. Many ships have dedicated kids play and activity areas which means that the adults can chill out for the day whilst the kids are taken care of. 

Mediterranean Cruise TipsMediterranean Cruise Tips 

The Cities

The great cities of the Mediterranean all have their own unique personality. Venice with it’s winding waterways and gently sinking grandeur; Barcelona with the hand of Gaudi guiding its aesthetic and its bustling main artery, Las Ramblas; Rome and Athens, fascinating windows into the classical world. Each place has its own beguiling combination of history, modernity and style – and arriving on a cruise ship is an exciting and glamorous way to appreciate these things. 

The Cuisine

Across the Mediterranean you will find knock-out cuisine at almost every turn. From the fresh seafood and tapas along the Iberian peninsula, to the pasta, cheeses and cured meats of Italy. On the south coast of France you’ll find a completely different take on haute cuisine once again, provided with characteristic gallic charm and flare. 

Historical Connections 

Travelling to the Mediterranean connects us to the grand tourists of the 19th century, who visited this part of the world to imbibe the culture, customs and ancient sites on show at every turn. Cities like Barcelona, Rome and Venice have fascinated travellers for centuries and it is likely they will go on fascinating us for centuries to come. 


Taking a cruise with the family means that you are all in one place, which is great for family bonding. From eating together, to hanging out by the pool to watching evening entertainment by night, sailing the high seas together is a great chance to enjoy family time without the stresses and strains of everyday life hanging over us. The family unit is central to Mediterranean values – maybe you’ll bring a bit of that spirit home with you.

Taking a cruise with your family in the Mediterranean is a nice way to spend a holiday.
Give it a try.



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  1. I would love to go on a proper cruise trip. Maybe this year.

  2. I’ve always been scared about cruises. Watched titanic to many times! But they do sound great xx

  3. Love reading about your amazing travel experiences, Charlotte! I admire your courage for a cruise, but I am not so courageous myself.