Netflix New Years Countdown 2016

NEW YEARS is right around the corner guys!
Gosh this year has gone by so fast! I guess its true what they say ‘Time fly’s by when you’re having fun”
If like me you feel that as a parent spending New Years with their kids then why not let them enjoy it fully?

Last year our countdown was with King Julien (So much fun) This year we have more Netflix friends to party with.
Including Inspector Gadget and Care Bears. Being able to play this when and where to suit you is perfect. Celebrate New Years in your own time.

Fell free to check out the list below of all the awesome family countdowns with Netflix and the information on each short show! To find this cute shows simply type ‘Countdown’ into your Netflix search bar

If you havent got a Netflix account yet… What are you waiting for?

Care Bears NYE

Care Bears & Cousins
The Care Bears & Cousins as they gather at the Share Shack for their countdown to 2016 

Inspector Gadget NYE

Inspector Gadget
Talon tires to ruin the New Year’s party, but Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain leap into action to save the surprise.

Project Mc2 NYE

Project MC2
The girls use their smart science skills to complete their latest mission: a 2016 countdown party!

Puffin Rock NYE

Puffin Rock
As 2016 dawns, Oona, Baba and their family remember the amazing, fun adventures the year brought.

King Julien NYE

All Hail King Julien
For Madagascar’s New Years celebration, King Julien decrees that every lemur on the island must do one thing: PARTY!

Peabody NYE

The MR. Peabody & Sherman Show
Peabody and his boy Sherman’s New Year’s show featuring guests like Hiccup and Toothless, King Julien and the Dinotrux. All of Hayden’s favorites in one place – We’ll be watching this one!

Whatever you decide to do this New Years.
I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEARS & don’t forget you can celebrate on your own time with your littles & Netflix

See you on the flipside!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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