Our Story


Hi all, here’s our story
My names Charlotte &
his name is Rovi. We are High School sweethearts who met at the tender age of
17 (how cute right)
We fell madly in love with
each other… you know I saw him across the playground & we fell for each
other straight away… Love at first sight.
We went to the same
University as we continued our higher education & graduated together.
A few years later on a
very chilly Valentine’s Day the love of my life proposed to me & of course
I said YES!! (We filmed it by the way, how cool)
We had a 9 month
engagement and got married on the beautiful sunny island of Barbados &
honeymooned in the even more beautiful enchanted island of St Lucia.
Straight after we bought
our 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a beautiful big back garden & a pretty
little fence at the front.
We started trying for a
baby shortly after & what do you know here we are… Pregnant & expecting
our first child.
Doesn’t this all sound so
PERFECT- Like something from a MOVIE or a wonderful NOVEL?
Well by Golly Gee Wizz …
This sure isn’t my life as much as you would hope it would be as a little girl
… with the whole Fairy-tale meet & greet, the knight in shining armour
& the Happy Ever After.
Shall I start again? OK.
Here’s how the story
really goes…
My names Charlotte I’m 25
& his name is Rovi also 25.
We currently reside in the
hustle & bustle of London Town (UK).
Unfortunate as it may
sound we were neither High School sweet hearts nor did we meet at the tender
age of 17.
But… We are the love of
each other’s life & wouldn’t have it another way. Life has a journey for
everyone no matter how rocky the path may be. You will always fall over but as
long as you continue to pick yourself up and just keep going you will soon be
on the right path.
We did it our way… the way
that suits us & our lifestyle. We are now pregnant expecting our first
bundle of joy after trying for around 8 months NTNP then the last couple of
month full blown TTC.
25th July
revealed our positive pregnancy test & 22nd September revealed
our healthy little baby.
We then shouted from the
roof tops about our little blessing & got amazing support from everyone. We
were chuffed. 25th November at our second scan we were told we would
be having a darling little boy & us being the prepared individuals that we
are had his name already planned out … Master Hayden Pascal Berice.


30th March was our EDD post scan we waited & waited… and waited somemore there was no sign of the little fella. 5th April was our EDD according to LMP that date also came and went… 9th April my waters broke… 10th April 2012 at 11:02am We welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world. Weiging in at 07lb 4oz we were so blessed to see such beauty


We currently live together
as girlfriend & boyfriend and I am so sorry we didn’t do it like Jay-Z and
Beyoncé. You know the whole Meet, Date, Get engaged, Get married & Have a
baby … You know the way it’s supposed to be done according to that book ‘How to
live life’ – Dammit I completely forgot to read that book.

Marriage is defiantly in
our future without a doubt but for us it is one step at a time & as long as
we follow the laws of the land … we will continue to make our own rules. I know
for a fact we will not love our baby any less than a married couple. I myself have
amazing role models when it comes to family values. My mama & papa! Happily
married for longer than my years on this earth & raised 3 amazing kids, now
adults. While spending most of the time in the UK & taking frequent
holidays abroad, culture & diversity are defiantly something that we are
aware of and will be raising our children (yes we plan on having more) the same

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  1. xx Beautiful Family 🙂 xx

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