Hayden’s Birth Story

My 6 Part Birth Story

Part 1 – Friday 6th April 2012

41 weeks Pregnant – Woke up bright & early to go get a sweep done with my
better half. We made our way by cab to the Community Midwife unit 1.5miles from
our home. Got there & saw Midwife Sarah she gave me the once over & I
was told I wasn’t dilated. So she tried to stretch the opening of my cervix which hurt so bad!
I wanted to cry. I held on to my fella’s hand so tight. She managed to give me a little sweep but nothing major, just
a little bit of blood.
She then booked me in for an induction for 11th April
2012 at 8:30am (day before my birthday)
decided to walk home from the clinic to help speed up
the process, walking helps a lot. I was in total shock that I wasn’t
dilated at all so I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible
to get the ball rolling. I thought I
would have at least been at about 2-3cm. Got home and feeling a little
disheartened sat in the front room
and watching Honey 2 … Pretty good film, slightly cheese but decent.


I bounced on that ball for the WHOLE of the bloody film…
I was soooo tired afterwards – I took a nap. This turned into a full blown
That evening went out for another walk with my fella…
All around the houses. I thought my legs were going to drop off. I even got
myself some Cheese & Onion Pringles & Packet of Haribo’s
It was a fun walk… wasn’t that much of a hassle because
we were having so much jokes & fun with it. I’m pretty sure people must
have thought we were mad… Pregnant lady out so late at night just walking
around like a bloody ASBO lol
Got loads of advice from people on how to speed up the
We’ve tried all of
them… Honest… But still nothing *sigh* – That night went to bed
feeling fed up,emontional & VERY uncomfortable…#OperationGetHaydenOut will continue tomorrow – That’s all that was on my mind.

Part 2 – Saturday 7th April 2012

Woke up Saturday & I was feeling so sore, my hips
& lower back felt like I had over done it. But the day was pretty normal…
And with no contractions not even Braxton Hicks, I slept
for pretty much most of the day.
My mum wanted to go out walking again…

The contractions started back up again at 6PM somewhat
strong but infrequent so I bounced on my ball & called the midwife …

She said 3-4mins apart then I can come in; I was having
them about 6-7mins apart.


Mum & dad went to church & gave my boyfriend strict
instructions to call them if anything exciting happened. So I bounced on that
stupid ball some more. The contractions were pretty intense in my eyes, but I
could still enjoy Britain’s Got Talent
Went to bed with mild contacts, they started slowing down
at around 1AM – BooPart 3 – Sunday 8th April 2012
The contractions came back again at about 5am… Joy! Right
in the middle of my sleep. I wasn’t best pleased.

Went to the toilet & got really excited … I was
starting to lose my mucus plug WOOHOO! I know what I weirdo. But I knew this
meant progress.

At this point I was more then tired, I mean I was
shattered. Getting in & out of bed was a hassle and I was so miserable

With every contraction came a shout into my pillow… Then
back to sleep… I woke up every 6-12 mins with contractions. I felt like I was
just there in mind but my body was out cold.

I managed to get
some sleep but not very much – I & my fella worked out a routine. Made me
extremely happy.

Spent Easter with my family but having painful
contractions all through dinner, which was so nice. I couldn’t even enjoy.  Whenever I would get a contraction I would have
to leave the table & wiggle my hips to feel any type of relief.

night fall I was seriously contemplating weither or not I would rather
have contactions or being chased by a shit load of Zombies … to my
suprise I actually picked Zombies – Thats saying A LOT if you know me.

Part 4 – Monday 9th April 2012

the midwife again at 6AM contractions were strong
& went down to 4min. She advised me to come in & get checked.
So I put on the nearest close I could find, woke up my mum & dad and
told them I’m heading off to the hospital with my boyfriend… if they
were to keep me mum can make her way with Hayden’s stuff.



My last Baby Bump photos at 41weeks + 3days


The midwife checked me & I was only 1cm – She told me to go
home ride out the pain.Take two Paracetamols & have a bath… They couldn’t admit me until I’m at 4cm.

If my waters break or I notice less fetal moment then
come back in straight away.
Got back home for about 8AM.My
boyfriend ran me a bath and I jumped in… It helped a little bit but
not very much. I phoned the midwife to see if I could get my induction
moved forward so I didn’t have to put up with the pain. But that was an
epic fail.

I told her the Paracetamol wasn’t working & she
said it wouldn’t –  Paracetamol would not touch the labour pain… What
fantastic news!

After my bath I and tried to sleep when I
didn’t have a contraction but as soon as the wave started it would wake me up
then my fella would rub my back then go back to sleep.

2:40PM I had a huge contraction & a felt a pop. Water
then came out all over the bed.
Between 2:40PM – 3:06PM I had 4big gushes of water!

Watsapp msg to Kym & Kirst: 09/04/2012 02:53:52 PM:
Charlotte : FML my waters just broke – don’t announce
anything on twitter just yet. Getting ready to go to the hospital will confirm
in about an hour  xx


Went to the bathroom for a pee and realised more was
coming out. Took a shower & had a major contraction… OUCH!!
Got my boyfriend to tell my mum who was in the kitchen
then we started getting ready to head to the hospital.
Called the cab & made our way.
Got to the hospital & told the MAU that I had been
there earlier. My waters had just broken so I was told to do a urine sample.
Did that then told her that my waters was green (Hayden had poo’d in me) – This
meant that my labour was no longer straight forward & that they would need
to monitor him throughout the labour & delivery.
There was a risk of him breathing in the poo’d waters
(Meconium) & it getting onto his lungs! Which is VERY dangerous. It’s a
pretty common thing with overdue babies.

I got seen before 4 other ladies in the waiting room. By
this time I was in excruciating pain. I was holding back my tears my
fella hates it when I cry. He was rubbing my feet, legs … hes poor little
face! I felt bad he had to see me like that. My mum waited in the waiting room
because I could only have one person in with me in MAU, its a pretty small area

They then checked me but I was only dilated to 2cm… 2 bloody cm I couldn’t believe it, but
they had to admit me because my waters broke & there was the Meconium.
They tried to place the cannula in my right hand but the
veins were rubbish, then tired my left. They took my bloods
My boyfriend couldn’t bare me asking for god to help me he
asked the midwife for some Gas & Air for me…

I think at this point, I realised that I completely deluded myself… I
can honestly say I didn’t expect the pain to be so intense. Natural
Birth my ass! From this point on I knew that my birth plan was out the

I remember at one point having the gas & air and
shouting at the top of my lungs because the pain was so bad! All I wanted was
for it to go away, so I constantly asked god to help me.
Eventually it was time to take me up to labour ward. So I
got wheeled off in a chair. I was struggling without the gas & air I could
barely even breath.
Got to my room & it was pretty nice. Bed, two chair,
table, TV – the hand over from MAU midwife to labour ward midwife was made then
my new midwife said she didn’t like the room we was in and that we should move
to another.
At the point my legs went weak & I thought are you
kidding me?! But with the help of my mum I made it to the next room which was
much bigger & better.
From here on it was all a big blur!
I remember the Gas & Air wasn’t helping me very much – So I asked for
some pethidine got a shot in my right thigh and that lasted for a
little while… I felt calm & in much less pain.
I was able to have a lovely chat with the Midwife & catch some Zzz

Part 5 – Tuesday 10th April 2012 

By the early hours of the morning after having a little nap, sipping on
water & someone force feeding me a chicken & salad sandwich the
pethidine started wearing off… & it felt like the pain was
100times worse. I was in a lot of pain again… When would it end? I
remember telling my mum… I want an epidural ASAP PLEASE!!

I remember the anaesthetist came in gave me the pep talk & told me
no matter what I shouldn’t move. So I sat at the end of the bed, midwife
in front of me and slightly hunched over – She said don’t move… I moved
she said don’t move… I said I’m trying – She said TRY harder…. so I
took two deep breaths & she began – I cant lie I was SCARED! but it
took less then a min & I didn’t even feel a thing.

guess it took 4 hours to wear off on my right side because the
contractions were back, & they were back with revenge. They were
coming in waves of heat and pain… I tried for as long as possible to
hold off on getting more meds. I rubbed my right side with force hoping
it would help. It did for a while but as the meds wore off the pain was
more intense.

midwife wanted to check me again to see where I was at. Her & the
Dr was hoping by now I would be at 7cm, we all were hoping this. If I
was at 7cm then they wouldn’t need to start the induction IV. But that
wasn’t the case.

all this time little man was ready to come out… It was his mummy’s
body that wasn’t letting him. My contractions were strong. But not
strong enough to dilate my cervix. They had no choice but to start the
induction or they would have to give me a C-Section.

had to have the top up because the induction meds make the contacts
REALLY strong & they knew I would be able to handle it. Gosh… Talk
about drama!! Throughout the whole of my experience my midwife was
amazing, kind, caring, loving & explained everything to me.

manged to get some more sleep after the 2nd lot of meds… during my
sleep I was woken up with the handover & realised I was getting a
new midwife … I was actually really upset about that. The new midwife
looked stoosh & not friendly. I remember looking at my mum &
thinking arrgghhh!!

I kept dosing in and out of sleep. I
think I was worn out & completely drugged up. I got woken up a
final time when I realised the pain on my right side was coming back
AGAIN! I asked my mum is they were shitting me .. could this really
happen twice. They gave me the Gas & Air again so I was really
drowsy. About 30mins after that I remember hearing the midwife
continuously fixing the CTG monitor because they kept loosing Hayden’s
Heartbeat… I could hear everything that was going on I just didn’t
have the energy to do anything.

There was a dilemma

Midwife: Press that button

Student Midwife: This one

Midwife: The red one

Student Midwife: The emergency button

Midwife YES!

10 seconds later about 5 other health care professionals were in the
room. My midwife was advised to attach a monitor to Hayden head to
monitor his heartbeat because they kept loosing it on the CTG machine. I
can honestly tell you I cant even remember her doing it. All the pain
& drama had me in a daze.

The midwife decided she
wanted to check me to see where I was at again… At this point I could
feel every contraction and breathing hardcore on the Gas & Air and
biting so hard on the mouthpiece to stop me from screaming.

She looked at me & said this is it… you are ready!

My fella was sleeping he had only got about 10mins, bless his little heart – Got woken up by the midwife saying “Its time”


Part 6 – The Delivery of Hayden Pascal 10th April 2012

was it guys.. The moment we had been waiting for… after a long
41weeks & 4days we were finally going to meet our little tummy love


Gas & Air was removed with force but I held on to the mouth piece
& pretended it was still there – No going back now.

had the midwife in front of me, student midwife the the right of her.
My mum to the right of me & my boyfriend to the left of me. I cant
really remember but I think there was another midwife in the room.

told the midwife I felt the need to push. She said when you are ready
start pushing. Because I would feel the contractions & they were
monitoring the CTG monitor they told me when they were coming also.

I remember hearing

“Come on push you can do it”

“Through your bum, like you’re doing a poo”

“Come on Charlotte”

“Oooo I can see hair”

“Keep going”

“Take it easy”

“You’re doing so well”

“OK here we go again”

“One, Two Three – PUSH”

I kept asking if the head was out.. I knew that once that bad boy was out the rest will be a piece of cake.

pushing I had my fella holding up one leg, My mum holding the other
while pushing my head down onto my chin… It was so hard trying to push
with no energy! It felt like it was going on forever.

gave a little whimper & said “I cant do it” The midwife said “Ah
what do you mean you cant do it.. do you want me to get my big

I shouted “NO!” looool

At that point I
thought to myself… Its time to show the world I can do anything as
long as I put my mind to it. All the pregnancy shows came flooding into
my head – 16 & Pregnant and One Born every min UK & USA. I
thought to myself … if they can do it I know I can!

episode that stuck in my mind while pushing was Chelsea Houska from 16
& Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 – Weird I know but Ive seen it like
5million times lol

With that I gave a mega push &
looked at the student midwifes face she was amazed & told me the
head was out! I knew all I had to do was the shoulders and I would have
my little boy in my arms.

With 2 more huge pushes he slid out & was placed on my chest.

can remember him being slimy & warm! He gave the cutest cry EVER!!
and I kissed him on his head. Looked at my fella who was in shock &
my mum was in tears!

What an experience to say the least.

midwife gave my fella the scissors to cut the cord all I remember is
seconds later blood splattered everywhere from the cord … On me, him
& both midwives lol

They took him away for the
once over, gave me a shot in my leg to deliver the placenta & gave
him a shot in his leg for the vitamin K.

He was passed to his daddy then passed to my mum who had a little cuddle.

Daddy with Hayden


My Mum with Hayden


sitched me up because I had a 1st degree tear & then he was passed
to me so I could have a proper look at my litte munchkin… He was so
beautiful, I felt so blessed & so happy! Couldnt believe he was
finally here & all ours!

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