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Eczema 101 Top Tips – What Is Eczema?

As promised here is the first installment of Eczema 101 to mark National Eczema Week – If you have any requests or questions please leave them in a comment or tweet me @bericebaby. I am in noway a health professional when it comes to this subject I am speaking through …

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Unique Gift Ideas For New Parents

Who doesn’t like a present? And if a friend or family member has just had a baby, chances are they’ll appreciate a little TLC more than ever right now. Having a new baby in the house is life-changing, not to mention plain hard work, so a thoughtful gift is bound …

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Bring Back The 100% Mortgage Please!

Dream Home – Image from EssexHomes.Net Moving to our own place is still in sight for us. Its just very far away at the moment. Until we come into so serious money all we can do is dream. Living in London wont be an option but Essex would be maybe …

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Relationships After Having A Baby

  The question on every ones lips… What are relationships like after having a baby. I don’t know if you have noticed but I don’t dive too deep into my personal life, I think there are somethings that should stay personal. But I feel I should give you an insight …

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Home Safety Lets Baby Proof

  Hi You lovely lot… Today I thought I’d provide you with a list of my top 10 tips on how to baby proof your home! As soon as Hayden could crawl at 6 months we had to redecorate the house. It was a hard process and it’s kind of …

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Tips On Travelling Abroad With A Baby

We took Hayden away on holiday to Barbados for the first time last year at 6 months old. Whenever anyone sees the blog post they always ask me how was it, did he enjoy the plane journey?, did he enjoy the sea,? what did you feed him,? how was the …

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Blogging 101 – How To Get More Blog Followers

Blog Followers Barbados Sunset

I’ve found a few ways on how to get more followers & here they are for you. This is a follow on post from ‘How To Get More Blog Views‘ 1. Write Guest Posts and Allow Guest Posts Find blogs that are in your same niche. Contact the owner and …

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Blogging 101 – How To Get More Blog Views

While away enjoying the sunshine I had time to write up a few blog post which I will be sharing with you guys!I thought to myself I love blogging & I love interacting with my readers (when I have the time, which isn’t very often lately). I am pretty impressed …

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