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What makes start-ups successful?

  I was invited along to an event by Joe Blogs hosted by Hiscox but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend as I was away on a UK little break with my boys but they were kind enough to send me a few goodies from the event and a follow-up …

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6 Tips to Help You Create a Perfect Hygienic Environment for Your Children

Perfect Hygienic Environment

Caring for a child is a full time job, and housework and cleaning are often thought of as a secondary consideration. However, if you have a child that is crawling around the floor and playing on the various surfaces in your home, then your care will include keeping those surfaces …

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10 Great Personalised Baby Gift Suggestions

If you’re searching for a unique and fun gift, there’s nothing better than to choose a personalised one that features the baby’s name or photograph. Perhaps a friend or family member has just given birth to a newborn. Parents often need items that will make their little ones comfortable while …

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Essential Items For The Family Beach Trip

Family Beach Trip

Summer seems like a distant memory already for me but that doesn’t mean we still can’t throw the kids in the car, cram the boot full of equipment and head down to the beach for a Family Beach Trip. We’re actually off on a little family break this weekend at a cute Camber Sands …

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How to brighten up your home this winter

home this winter

The leaves have already begun to fall from the trees and before we know it, winter will be in full swing! Although December brings with it many festivities, it’s also a season brimming with dark nights, gloomy mornings, cooler temperatures and sniffly noses. Thankfully there are many tips to help …

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10 Ways to Improve your Health and Attitude in a Week

Improve your Health and Attitude

Modern life is stressful, no doubt about it. Juggling family commitments, work and relationships is a full-time job in itself – little wonder that most of us don’t prioritise our own wellbeing. It’s all too easy to bury these problems under a blanket of poor dietary choices and denial, but …

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Different Gift Ideas for Attending a Baby Shower

Gift Ideas for Attending a Baby Shower

If you’re attending a baby shower soon and are looking for a gift with a bit of a difference, it can be quite difficult to say the least. After all, there will no doubt be lots of people there and mum and baby will be inundated with loads of lovely …

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From Boring to Breathtaking: A Bungalow Dining Room Update

Bungalow Dining Room

If you live in a full-sized home, you probably scratch your head at how people can live in a bungalow. They’re not real homes, right? Not so fast. While they are small, they’re still amazing in their own right. What’s more, they’re not difficult to decorate if you’re the creative …

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How To Make Friends Online

Online Friends

Billions of people have access to the Internet and go online daily to discuss anything and everything they are interested in with their online community. They post photos, micro blog, share interesting news stories and articles and comment on posts. But how do you become a part of this international …

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Do You Need More Change In Your Life?

life's a beach

How families can embrace change in their life with particular focus on changing energy tariffs and the benefits this can offer. When things are going well in life, the idea of repetition doesn’t seem like a bad thing. The old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ holds true …

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Adapting Your Lifestyle Ready for Fostering


If you’re thinking of fostering a child, or are actually somewhat into the process and would simply like more info, we’ve put together some tips for adapting your lifestyle accordingly to help the child settle in with you and your family as smoothly as possible. They can be big or …

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Coping With Fussy Eaters While Abroad

Coping With Fussy Eaters

If your child refuses to eat anything but bread and chocolate cereal, you might dread going abroad – after all there are only so many loaves and morning snacks you can pack into a bag. Travelling with a fussy eater is certainly a challenge, but don’t let that overshadow or …

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Would Being Able to Drive Make Life Easier for you and your Family?

Being Able to Drive Make Life Easier

The cost of learning to drive and getting a car these days can be a little off-putting. Many people have chosen to rely instead upon public transportation. However, while public transportation might be a cheaper option, it can be a little unreliable. Being able to drive can really make a …

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Summer Safety

Summer Saftey

Summertime truly is blissful, especially when you have children. But as the warm weather is now well and truly here, and we start to relax, we really can’t risk being all of a sudden complacent with our children’s health and safety. Of course, we shouldn’t turn paranoid – or scare …

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How to Grow Your Own Grains


There are a variety of benefits that can be derived from consuming a variety of whole grains on a regular basis. In addition to the protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that are inherently found in grains, eating these foods regularly can even reduce your risk of a multitude …

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Matalan Maternity Checklist plus £50 Voucher

Matalan Maternity Checklist

Good Morning you lovely lot, The sun is shining and I am in a very happy mood – I’m always happy when the suns out! Aren’t you? Today I have something exciting to show you and offer you… Ooowww! I’ve teamed up with the lovely Matalan to show you their …

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10 Tips to Make Your Kids Laugh While Taking Photos

Kids Photography Tips

A lot of people say that the best laughs are those that are given by kids and this is one of the main reasons why taking their photo can be such a joyous task. When your kids are small, they tend to be open and quite unfettered by ideas and …

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Looking After a Baby Doesn’t Need to Mean Harming the Planet

Global Warming

When a new baby arrives in the world it can change the parents’ outlook completely. At this point many new parents decide to become more serious in their attempts to live an environmentally friendly life. This is often because these realise that it is responsibility of everyone on the planet …

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