How To: Avoid Bad Hair Days This Winter

Nothing kills a good mood quicker than a bad hair day. You know the ones, right? When no matter what you do, your wild mop seems to take on a mischievous life of its own, purposely sitting the wrong way and refusing to stay in place despite the bottle of …

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How To Remove Tiredness From The Face Naturally

It is obvious to look so tired and dull after a hectic day. This is ok if you have no plans to go out with your beloved, as you would wish to look your best. If you do, a tired face would not work at all. You have no time …

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How to prepare for a long – distance move

long-distance move

Whether you’re relocating for work, study or for a loved one, a long distance move is exciting – though it doesn’t come without its own unique set of challenges. Here are some ways for long distance movers to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible: Plan, plan, plan (and …

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20 Week Scan & Gender Reveal – Baby Number 2

Gender Revel 20 week scan

Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal!! Our 20 week scan was awesome and we took Hayden along with us so he could have a first glance at his baby sister or brother. We got there in perfect timing and was called into the same room we had for our 12 week …

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How Can A Woman Start With Her Weight Loss Plan?

Weight loss begins when your brain is in “focus” mode to knock off those frustrating extra pounds. You’ll then need a sure shot weight loss plan. To make sure that your weight loss plan is really effective and safe, you need to take into consideration certain facts and figures. Not …

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Home Decor – The Right Flooring

As you know, I am not a huge DIY fan. Home decor is something that does not come naturally to me, but, over the years, this has had to change. Having a family has meant I have had to decorate more. It is fair to say that, these days, I …

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Transformers Robots in Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime and Aerobolt

The Transformers Robots in Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime and Aerobolt is a great toy especially for older kids. Hayden got to test out this new toy and had load of fun once it was assembled as it was slightly difficult.   First Impressions: – Instructions are slightly difficult to follow – Fun …

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Turbo Trax Pro Set

Turbo Trax Pro

We were sent to this super fun Turbo Track & extra bundle set from Ideal World for my Christmas Gift Guide but loved it so much that I wanted to review it on my site. I have to make you aware that the product is no longer available to buy …

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Ultimate Early Pregnancy Outfit

Early Pregnancy Outfit

Hi guys, Today I have a style post for you which I hope you’ll love. Throughout this pregnancy I have searched for an awesome pregnancy outfit so I’ve kept things casual but not everyday leggings (I wore leggings nonstop during my pregnancy with Hayden) meaning I’ve switched up my style a …

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Christmas 2016 – Booking the Right Business Venue

Christmas Business Venue

When organising a Christmas party, it can be a stressful and time consuming business, particularly if you’re not normally used to organising events like this and the task has been thrust upon you unceremoniously. Whether you’ve planned five parties or five hundred parties, the type of event is largely dependent …

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A Real Christmas Tree With Pines and Needles

Real Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles

It’s 2016 and we spend yet another year with a Pines and Needles Real Christmas Tree. We first worked with the lovely guys at Pines and Needles last year when we received our first christmas tree – If you missed it here the video on us receiving it and the …

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Marvel Captain America – Civil War Blaster Reveal Shield

Following on from our Iron Man – Civil War Captain America Slide Blast Armour we got our hands on the Marvel Captain America – Civil War Blaster Reveal Shield. Pairing the two up was pure genius and serious fun. First Impressions: – Lightweight – Brilliant hidden Nerf blaster – Perfect paired with Iron Man …

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12 Week Scan with Baby Number 2

Hey Guys, I’m back with another pregnancy update, this one our 12 Week Scan with baby number 2. With my first pregnancy with Hayden I jumped on YouTube at 21 weeks Pregnant  Watch the video and let you guys know weekly what was going on but this time round I …

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Mum’s Health: C-Section Recovery and Care


There are a few aspects to having a caesarean section birth that end up being quite surprising. The primary one, though you don’t realise it until later, is how little information women get about the procedure and the recovery process, including cosmetic repair options like Vanquish. Here are a few …

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When Should You Give Your Child A Smartphone?

With smartphones sales set to be at their highest ever this Christmas, parenting and tech blogger Nathan Richardson looked at the very modern issue facing parents as part of a project with Best VPN. Children owning a mobile phone can be a sensitive subject to broach. Some believe that smartphones …

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A Modern Lullaby Playlist For Your Toddler

Modern Lullaby Playlist

Children are notorious for rebelling against bedtime. Wars have been waged for just five more minutes of TV time. The bedtime process doesn’t have to be such an undertaking; you just need the right playlist. Before it’s time to tuck your little one in, slyly play the following songs to …

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Outdoor Christmas Decorations: How to make your trees sparkle

Hey, people it’s that time of year again. Well, nearly. But then again, is it ever too early to start decorating your home for Christmas? If you’re wondering what might make a great impression this festive season – and I’m not talking about Boris Johnson impressions, hilarious though they may …

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Selling Your Home After A Break Up? Five Top Tips To Ease The Pain

In the aftermath of the ending of a relationship there are many decisions to make – not least the destiny of any property owned by the two halves. It’s an awful time to be communicating with someone who you’re leaving behind, and the risk of making an emotionally charged decision …

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