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Do You Need More Change In Your Life?

life's a beach

How families can embrace change in their life with particular focus on changing energy tariffs and the benefits this can offer. When things are going well in life, the idea of repetition doesn’t seem like a bad thing. The old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ holds true …

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Time You Got A New Hobby?

Horse Riding Saddle

Perhaps the kids have joined a club, or you’ve struck lucky and the grandparents have taken them off on holiday. Whatever is going on this summer, whether you’ve got an extra few hours a week to yourself or you’re just dreaming of a bit of a break while they’re off …

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Panasonic NC-ZA1 Espresso Coffee Machine Maker Review

Panasonic NC-ZA1 Espresso Coffee Machine Maker

As most of you know, I am a Panasonic Brit Blogger, whoo hoo! This consists of keeping up to date with the latest Panasonic products and relaying them back to you, testing the range of exciting goodies and hosting competitions. I was given the amazing opportunity to test out their Panasonic …

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How Hoarding Can Affect Your Health

Clearing Loads of Hoarded Goods

You don’t have to be a compulsive hoarder to understand the strain that comes with letting go of long-loved or seemingly necessary household items. Your reasons for keeping them in possession are vast and indeed multifaceted beyond anyone else’s understanding. Perhaps you decided to keep all your unused office utensils …

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5 tips for choosing the right theme for your home

Home renovations

One of the cardinal rules for interior design is to have a theme. Even beautifully styled homes that are eclectic and combine different eras, colours and decor, are still themed! Think of your theme as your design destination. While sometimes you’ll end up taking a few detours here and there, …

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Out There Interiors Vintage Style Vanity Boxes Review

Vintage Style Vanity Boxes

We were given the opportunity to review these gorgeous floral style vintage vanity boxes from Out There Interiors. I am more of modern person myself but I couldn’t resist how beautiful these were from their site. First Impressions – Smelt strongly of paint (explained in detail below) – Very delicate …

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ALDI Summer Outdoor Range & Review

Aldi Outdoor Living

Have you heard? Summers coming – which means loads of outdoor products are being put out… We are set to have some fab bank holiday weather so where can you get your hands on a few garden bits for the coming heatwaves? Aldi have kindly given us the opportunty to …

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How to Deal with a Family Member who Hoards

Hoarding is a serious mental health disorder that has devastating effects for sufferers and their loved ones. An inability to dispose of possessions, coupled with a fervour for acquiring new items, often leads hoarders to live beyond their financial means and in filthy and unsafe conditions. Family and friends experience …

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The Dreaded Spring Clean – How to Make it Easier

Every good housewife (or househusband for that matter!) knows that the dreaded spring cleaning is tough, but who doesn’t love a spotless home? It’s that time of year again, so before you start struggling over getting your home in order, read these tips for making the annual spring clean so …

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Urban Living – Living Room Inspiration and Top Tips

I love putting together mood boards of products for a room in the house. Today I have chosen the living room and the theme is Urban Living. We live in East London & its as urban as it can get. Over the years its developed so much, I’ve lived here all …

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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Property Value

  If you are having your home valued for sale, you may want to do what you can to maximise its value we always want to make sure we do the best to increase property value. Have a look at other homes for sale on real estate sites to get …

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Ideal Single Beds Spear Room, Do you Need One?

A few months back there was an interesting hype around attachment parenting with Peaches Geldof admitting to she and her husband Tom Cohen sleep separately so that Peaches can share their bed with their six-month-old. What’s the big deal? We were avid co-sleepers when Hayden was little and we do …

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Homeserve Cosy Warm Room Home Decor

I am not one for home decorating but I thought I’d give this challenge a try. HomeServe’s Warm Your Home this Winter campaign aims to help make your property more cosy in time for Christmas. See how I got on. We took a trip to our local B&Q who in …

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Fun Bright Toddler Room

I had a lot of fun making this toddler room on my Polyvore account. It might not be to everyone cup of tea but I think its looks like great HAHA.I kept it bright and colourful and tried to keep a lot of the items at a decent budget.Below you …

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Latest buys with Zalando.co.uk

I did a little shop at Zalando.co.uk for the first time last week. And picked up three great things for under £20.  £19 infact!  A top for Hayden, a dress for myself and a little something for the redecoration of the spear room which we will be turning into and a …

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Home Safety Lets Baby Proof

  Hi You lovely lot… Today I thought I’d provide you with a list of my top 10 tips on how to baby proof your home! As soon as Hayden could crawl at 6 months we had to redecorate the house. It was a hard process and it’s kind of …

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Nursery Idea… What Nursery?

Nursery Ideas

How cute is this?   I have always wanted to decorate a nursery… How much fun would that be?!?! Kinda like decorating my room but not for me! We will not be doing this… Just yet!!    We currently live in a 3 bedroom house with my folks. We have …

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