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Bedroom Zen Solutions

Not too long ago myself and several other bloggers were asked by Hillary’s Blinds if we would write a short answer to a question about our ideal bedroom environment somewhat like Bedroom Zen solutions Q&A. It was to help them create an interactive guide to creating the perfect bedroom environment. Q: “What affect …

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Julia Kendell Ideal Home Show Exhibition and Interview

Julia Kendell Ideal Home Show

Not too long ago I was invited along to The Ideal Home Show by one of their sponsors and exhibitors Hammonds Furniture. On the day their very talented celebrity ambassador, and interior designer Julia Kendell took to the super stage and I was able to have a few interview questions answered. On …

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Kids Bedroom Inspiration and Tips

Bedroom Inspiration

We’re always looking for inspiration when it comes to decorating. I recently spruced up the kitchen with a few new kitchen essentials. I think it’s time now to move on and start sorting out Hayden’s room – finally, It’s now still being used as a spare room. A helpful hand is always important …

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Top Tips: Safety At Christmas

Safety At Christmas

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year for many households, but with all the excitement and frenzy, it’s also a time where there’s so much scope to go wrong, safety wise. There are a few tips and tricks on safety at Christmas you can follow to keep …

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Brightening Up The Home Over Winter

The clocks have turned back: the end is nigh. Okay, so I’m being slightly dramatic, but there’s sadly no denying that the bright and breezy airiness of summer has now long departed. Studies say that far more people sadly suffer from depression during the longer days (on account of the …

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6 Tips to Help You Create a Perfect Hygienic Environment for Your Children

Perfect Hygienic Environment

Caring for a child is a full time job, and housework and cleaning are often thought of as a secondary consideration. However, if you have a child that is crawling around the floor and playing on the various surfaces in your home, then your care will include keeping those surfaces …

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How to brighten up your home this winter

home this winter

The leaves have already begun to fall from the trees and before we know it, winter will be in full swing! Although December brings with it many festivities, it’s also a season brimming with dark nights, gloomy mornings, cooler temperatures and sniffly noses. Thankfully there are many tips to help …

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Home insurance: The trick to protecting the little ones and saving money

Home Insurance

Since your little gem was born the value of your household has probably grown dramatically – but so too has your average household expenditure! When money is tight it can be tempting to overlook purchases that aren’t deemed mandatory with home insurance one policy that you may be contemplating cutting …

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Your 10 Step Checklist for Prepping Your Home for Winter

Prepping Your Home for Winter

Summer has passed and winter will be around the corner in a few months. It is important that you must start prepping your home for Winter … get ready for the cold months. Here is your 10 step checklist on what should you do: Protect Outdoor Equipment and furniture Your …

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Dormeo Memory Foam Mattresses

Hey guys,  We were given the opportunity to review one of  the Dormeo Memory Foam Mattresses - Luxury of Silver. We've been testing out a bit of affordable Italian luxury. Have a read of how we got on and see what start ratings we've given for the products.     First Impressions: - A …

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From Boring to Breathtaking: A Bungalow Dining Room Update

Bungalow Dining Room

If you live in a full-sized home, you probably scratch your head at how people can live in a bungalow. They’re not real homes, right? Not so fast. While they are small, they’re still amazing in their own right. What’s more, they’re not difficult to decorate if you’re the creative …

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Do You Need More Change In Your Life?

life's a beach

How families can embrace change in their life with particular focus on changing energy tariffs and the benefits this can offer. When things are going well in life, the idea of repetition doesn’t seem like a bad thing. The old saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ holds true …

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Time You Got A New Hobby?

Horse Riding Saddle

Perhaps the kids have joined a club, or you’ve struck lucky and the grandparents have taken them off on holiday. Whatever is going on this summer, whether you’ve got an extra few hours a week to yourself or you’re just dreaming of a bit of a break while they’re off …

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Panasonic NC-ZA1 Espresso Coffee Machine Maker Review

Panasonic NC-ZA1 Espresso Coffee Machine Maker

As most of you know, I am a Panasonic Brit Blogger, whoo hoo! This consists of keeping up to date with the latest Panasonic products and relaying them back to you, testing the range of exciting goodies and hosting competitions. I was given the amazing opportunity to test out their Panasonic …

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How Hoarding Can Affect Your Health

Clearing Loads of Hoarded Goods

You don’t have to be a compulsive hoarder to understand the strain that comes with letting go of long-loved or seemingly necessary household items. Your reasons for keeping them in possession are vast and indeed multifaceted beyond anyone else’s understanding. Perhaps you decided to keep all your unused office utensils …

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5 tips for choosing the right theme for your home

Home renovations

One of the cardinal rules for interior design is to have a theme. Even beautifully styled homes that are eclectic and combine different eras, colours and decor, are still themed! Think of your theme as your design destination. While sometimes you’ll end up taking a few detours here and there, …

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Out There Interiors Vintage Style Vanity Boxes Review

Vintage Style Vanity Boxes

We were given the opportunity to review these gorgeous floral style vintage vanity boxes from Out There Interiors. I am more of modern person myself but I couldn’t resist how beautiful these were from their site. First Impressions – Smelt strongly of paint (explained in detail below) – Very delicate …

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ALDI Summer Outdoor Range & Review

Aldi Outdoor Living

Have you heard? Summers coming – which means loads of outdoor products are being put out… We are set to have some fab bank holiday weather so where can you get your hands on a few garden bits for the coming heatwaves? Aldi have kindly given us the opportunty to …

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