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Healthy Easy Valentines Day Drink

Tis the season FOR sweet stuff! Valentines, Easter, Mothers Day… Summer holidays then Halloween (I know it’s a bit away but I thought id add it in anyway) We’ll be filling our lovely slim down faces after the new years resolutions which are now out the window I’m sure. So I thought …

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Are the kids away? Then it’s time to get fit!

Get Fit

The kids are at school, the house needs cleaned, your shift starts in an hour – and you really can’t be bothered. This has gone on for weeks, if not months. And that drudging feeling is showing its strain. You’ve got skin greasier than a deep fat fryer, more folds than …

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#31FitterDays Fitter Me with Garmin and Halfords


Do you want to feel fitter and healthier in January? Do you want a more active lifestyle? I’ve always been one to shy away from working out and keeping fit I’m more of a stay indoors and watch TV snuggled up under a blanket kinda gal. Rovi on the other hand …

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Don’t Screw Up: How to Shrink The Appearance of Wrinkles

Shrink the Appearance of Wrinkles

Ever heard of rhytidermia? Unless you’ve chowed down on the Oxford English Dictionary for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s unlikely that you have – but it’s actually the medical name for wrinkling of the skin.As we get older, rhytidermia becomes an unpleasant fact of life, as our mirror mocks us …

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Withings Smart Body Analyzer

I’ve been given the opportunity to test out the Withings Smart Body Analyzer. It’s a slim, sleek, modern body scale which collects all your graphs data via an apps supported by Apple and android devices via WIFI The smart body analyser can actually check measure your weight, fat mass, heart …

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When Should My Child First See A Dentist?

Teeth brushing is just as important as eating and drinking. Everyone wants those healthy pearly whites especially for their children. Here’s some information on the question: ‘When Should My Child First See A Dentist’ and the importance of brushing your teeth. When to Start Brushing The NHS recommends beginning brushing …

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6 Tips to Help You Create a Perfect Hygienic Environment for Your Children

Perfect Hygienic Environment

Caring for a child is a full time job, and housework and cleaning are often thought of as a secondary consideration. However, if you have a child that is crawling around the floor and playing on the various surfaces in your home, then your care will include keeping those surfaces …

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10 Ways to Improve your Health and Attitude in a Week

Improve your Health and Attitude

Modern life is stressful, no doubt about it. Juggling family commitments, work and relationships is a full-time job in itself – little wonder that most of us don’t prioritise our own wellbeing. It’s all too easy to bury these problems under a blanket of poor dietary choices and denial, but …

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Cycling vs Running – which is Healthier?

Cycling vs. Running – which is Healthier

Cycling vs running, excellent question! Now are both popular forms of exercise. Millions of people, young and old, pound the pavements as a way of keeping the extra pounds at bay and cycling is also experiencing something of a renaissance with the Tour De Yorkshire proving just how popular cycling has …

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Looking After a Baby Doesn’t Need to Mean Harming the Planet

Global Warming

When a new baby arrives in the world it can change the parents’ outlook completely. At this point many new parents decide to become more serious in their attempts to live an environmentally friendly life. This is often because these realise that it is responsibility of everyone on the planet …

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How Hoarding Can Affect Your Health

Clearing Loads of Hoarded Goods

You don’t have to be a compulsive hoarder to understand the strain that comes with letting go of long-loved or seemingly necessary household items. Your reasons for keeping them in possession are vast and indeed multifaceted beyond anyone else’s understanding. Perhaps you decided to keep all your unused office utensils …

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How to Deal with a Family Member who Hoards

Hoarding is a serious mental health disorder that has devastating effects for sufferers and their loved ones. An inability to dispose of possessions, coupled with a fervour for acquiring new items, often leads hoarders to live beyond their financial means and in filthy and unsafe conditions. Family and friends experience …

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Can You Really Avoid Wrinkles?

Birth, death and taxes. These are the hard truths of life, those which are deemed unavoidable. However, does the ill-fated face full of wrinkles escape the same inevitability? It would seem not. Wrinkles are a sign of age. There are, however, ways to prevent how severely wrinkles appear, and to …

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Celebrity Secrets: Bounce Back From Pregnancy Fast

Celebrity Secrets: Bounce Back From Pregnancy Fast While the average celebrity has the advantage of usually having a personal trainer, many of us regular folk have to rely on our own motivation to get rid of those stubborn pregnancy kilos. So if you don’t have the time or money for …

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The Financial Benefits of Having Your Favourite Frames Reglazed

I have to admit, I sometimes hate having to shop for new glasses frames, especially when I’ve got a pair that I adore or money is tight and I don’t want to pay for a new pair of frames just because my vision prescription changed.The Daily Mirror covered the extreme …

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No Work Does Not Mean No Money

Accidents at work are very common and can occur in all types of workplaces situations. While you are at work, your employer has a legal duty to protect you and tell you about health and safety issues that affect you. In 2003 my mum had an accident at work a …

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Early Speech and Language Development: Myth Busting

Hayden with a dummy at 9 months There is a lot of pressure put on first time parents, and indeed on second, third or fourth time parents, for their children to conform to certain development milestones. This is a pressure parents put on themselves, as well as the perceived pressure …

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Retirement Bliss

Photo Credit Retirement can open up a new world of opportunities, whatever your background or income level.When you approach any important change in your life, you are bound to be nervous as well as excited and you may even be worrying where you will find the money to enjoy your …

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