Has the taboo of online dating finally worn off?

It used to be thought that online dating was for people who couldn’t find a date in the real world. That is definitely not the case any more. There’s been a huge surge in people using dating sites to find that special someone. From sites where your friends describe you …

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The Debate: Is it right to allow children time off during term time?

New Crayons - time off during term time

The 1996 Education Act states that it is an offence for parents to take time off during term time. Up until September 2013, head teachers were allowed to exercise discretion if parents wanted to take their children away for up to ten days under ‘special circumstances.’ The rules have changed. The …

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Successful Lifestyle Blog? You Tell Me

Charlotte and Hayden - Successful Lifestyle Blog

I’ve been MIA when it comes to blogging over the last couple of months. Still been very social on my other social media sites so If you want to see what we’ve been up to do check those out. Do I have a successful lifestyle blog? You Tell Me. I would …

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My Mother’s Day – Being a Mother

Hayden's Birth Photo

So this was my 3rd mothers day… 2nd official mothers day and it was lovely. I got to lay in, had a big breakfast and actually took the day really slow and did nothing. We planned to go somewhere spontaneously but because we had such a chilled day we ended …

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Big Lottery Win – New House, Tropical Holiday and New Clothes

Yes, this is a few of what I’d do if I won the lottery. New house, holiday and new clothes Well its Wednesday and a girl can dream right so I’ve put together a wishlist of what I would get if I won the lottery considering I forgot to play …

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The Mum Tag

Hey Guys,Today I’m taking part in the Mum Tag. I was tagged by the lovely Bex over at Futres to take part. I read the questions & answers on her blog and got teary eyed. I think being a mother is such a wonderful feeling and I couldn’t image not …

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2013 Year In Review Q&A

So the New Year is hear I hope everyone had a fab time whatever you were doing to bring the new year in we are now coming up to Feb already I can’t believe it. The lovely Kerry over at Oh So Amelia thought it would be a great idea …

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Our Christmas 2013

Our Christmas this year consisted of three days unlike previous year with 2. We spent Christmas eve with Rovi’s mum & his family, Christmas day was spent just our little family at home. Boxing day round my aunts (mums sister).Christmas has always been a special time of year for me …

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Is it a Boy or a Girl? Can Old Wives’ Tales Help Us Predict?

When it comes to topics that have the most old wives’ tales attached to them, predicting the gender of a baby has to be a leading contender. Whether you decide to find out the sex of your baby or not, guessing what you’re having can be a whole lot of …

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Early Speech and Language Development: Myth Busting

Hayden with a dummy at 9 months There is a lot of pressure put on first time parents, and indeed on second, third or fourth time parents, for their children to conform to certain development milestones. This is a pressure parents put on themselves, as well as the perceived pressure …

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Help Wildlife Out This Winter With Children

Image Credit Charlotte has been kind enough for me to do a guest post for her today. Let me introduce myself and my blog. My name is James, my wife and I have three wonderful children Charlie 3yrs, Harry 2yrs and Olivia 1yrs. Daddy Space is my parenting and lifestyle …

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Daddy is More Fun Than Mummy!

My name is Mark and I blog at Paige’s Toy Box. Paige’s Toy Box is a parenting blog written from the perspective of a father. My blog will mainly focus on the high points of my relationship I share with my beautiful daughter, Paige. Posts mainly consist of games we …

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What I See Project – When I Look In The Mirror

I am so proud and honored to announce that I am a part of something amazing! Today is my day to shout from the roof tops about what I see when I look in the mirror. Background  Information The What I See Project is the brainchild of the successful entrepreneur …

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Relationships After Having A Baby

  The question on every ones lips… What are relationships like after having a baby. I don’t know if you have noticed but I don’t dive too deep into my personal life, I think there are somethings that should stay personal. But I feel I should give you an insight …

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Haydens 1st Birthday Party

Here is an insight into Hayden’s special day that he shared with friends & family. The theme was ‘Colourful Caterpillar’ Shout outs Cake: these companies are so AWESOME I will be giving them all a separate post next week. Watch out for that, but in the …

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Happy “21st” Birthday DaDa


  So my other half turned 26 Happy Birthday DaDa … I mean “21” this Wednesday just gone & he had a blast. Here is his day in pictures in this image heavy post. Enjoy x Its 12:00am Its your birthday WAKE UP & OPEN your presents!!! Check out Hayden’s …

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Date Night… Who Love’s Date Night? We Love Date Night x

Date Night 2012

We absolutely love going out to eat & we wanted to try something different for date night – My boyfriend Mr B chose a place called Banana Tree. Our Outfits of the night =D Sorry about the lighting! lol     What to choose?! It all looked a bit too …

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Hayden at 24 Weeks Old

24 Weeks Old ❤ Hayden tried Heinz Farley’s Rusks Originals this week and he loves them… Oh boy why are they so messy? It was everywhere… his hair, up his nose, his eye lashes, the floor, Sophie, my face LOL This is all he wants to do these days… Stand up! …

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