I Took A Short Break – An Update

Here’s a little update. It’s been 7 months to be precise. A hell of a lot longer then I initially planned to take off. I’m so embarrassed but I really needed to take the time away for my health and sanity. I actually only planned on taking a little one …

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Hayden’s First Spooktacular Halloween Party

At the weekend Hayden had his very first Spooktacular Halloween Party thanks to Tesco,which went down without a hitch. Tesco asked us to join their Halloween Spooky Van campaign and it was truly awesome. If you missed the delivery of the goodies for the party check out my Tesco Halloween Spooktacular Delivery before …

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Tesco Halloween Spooktacular Delivery

When working as a blogger you get to experience seriously amazing opportunities and working with Tesco for their Halloween event this year has been AMAZING so far. We received a misery box to our house which gave us a shock to open but so funny as it literally screamed at me. Inside there …

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Then There Were Four… Pregnancy Announcement

That’s right ladies and gents We’re expecting… Berice Baby #2 We are so excited to announce we’ll be welcoming our newest addition in Feb 2017 Hayden is over the moon and one of the proudest big brothers I’ve ever seen, he can’t wait for ‘his baby’ to come. He’s made …

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London Southbank #EyePoppingDaysOut – Amazing Fun For Kids and Adult

Hey you lovely lot. It’s been a while since I’ve hopped on the old blog to give you guys the low down on what we’ve been up too – I’m still here and was getting up to a fair bit over the last couple of months so I’m going to …

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Top Tips: Toddler Proof Your Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas Time….  OK maybe not just yet but I know there’s ALOT of us families getting ready for this special time of year. After Halloween this is my favourite Holiday – well apart from actually getting on a plane and flying away … on holiday, you know what I mean. …

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Ridiculously Easy Halloween Wreath Craft

I love Halloween, as you guys already know so we thought we’d get crafty this weekend as a family. It was a horrible wet Saturday in London but we had fun making a Halloween Wreath inspired by the Pines and Needles Pinterest board. We’re collaborating with them over Christmas but realised how …

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Improve Your Relationship With Yourself TODAY!

Improve Your Relationship

Have you ever felt like you’re in a relationship and this can be for years, but still feel like you’re single emotionally and most of the time unintentionally. It’s been 2 years after writing my posts on relationships after having a baby and in all honesty I’m still trying to figure this ‘relationship’ thing out.  I’ve …

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An Open Letter to my 3 Year Old Toddler Son

It feels so good to be able to sit down and write this open letter to my 3 year old toddler son, Master Hayden Pascal Berice. You’re daddy has just put you down for your nap and I’ve finished watching all the daily vlogs I missed yesterday from taking you …

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Mummy and Me: April

Mummy and Me

Last month I joined in with Nicola – Life Through My Eyes linky Mummy & Me which included the break down of and I’m back again with April’s edition which included Disney, Nursery and Swimming. I’m a huge fan of April it’s such an important month for Hayden and myself – …

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Mummy and Me: Disney, Nursery and Swimming

Mummy and Me March

I have said for the longest time I’ve wanted to get back into writing about us as a family more. But sometimes priories get shifted and things get put on the back burner unfortunately. I started blogging to capture all kinds of memories of my little caterpillar and if memory …

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Prepare Early: Why Saving Up For Your Children Now Will Be Better In The Long Run

Saving Up For Your Children

Saving is important for everyone to make sure safety and security. As parents, we want to make sure that our children have bright futures. Saving for your children can never start too early. Children come with a lot of costs, and it’s your responsibility as parents to make sure they …

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Home For The Holidays – Our Christmas 2014

Christmas Jumper Day 2014

We we’re home for the holidays again this year yet another lucky moment I got to spend Christmas 2014 with my boys. My Parents have been in Barbados for a couple of months now, they fly off every year around this time for the last few years so they have …

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Home insurance: The trick to protecting the little ones and saving money

Home Insurance

Since your little gem was born the value of your household has probably grown dramatically – but so too has your average household expenditure! When money is tight it can be tempting to overlook purchases that aren’t deemed mandatory with home insurance one policy that you may be contemplating cutting …

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What Child Care Centre is Best for Your Child?

Choosing the best child care centre for your child is one of those questions that is difficult to answer until you have actually been into a child care centre and seen the way it works – or had your child there, and either loved it or hated it! As with …

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Family Outdoor Games Day

We were asked to take part in a family outdoor games day by Two Little Fleas The weather has been hit and miss but we manged to choose a morning with beautiful sunshine – which quickly turned into showers (absolute madness). Hayden and myself had loads of fun just playing in …

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#XFactor Kisela Berice Talent Factor

Kisela Berice, Rovi’s little sister’s new single is now out you’re going to want to check this out. Seems like tonight is the last episode of the 1st round of  XFactor auditions fingers crossed they show her. ITV at 8PM If you watch & see her let me know what …

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Adapting Your Lifestyle Ready for Fostering


If you’re thinking of fostering a child, or are actually somewhat into the process and would simply like more info, we’ve put together some tips for adapting your lifestyle accordingly to help the child settle in with you and your family as smoothly as possible. They can be big or …

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