I Took A Short Break – An Update

Here’s a little update. It’s been 7 months to be precise. A hell of a lot longer then I initially planned to take off. I’m so embarrassed but I really needed to take the time away for my health and sanity. I actually only planned on taking a little one …

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Second Trimester Week 14-26 Baby Number 2

Hey Guys, We are now in our third trimester so I wanted to update you on what happened in my second trimester. I’ve had such an amazing pregnancy so far did you see my First Trimester Update? and I can not complain at all, I’ve really enjoyed it. From that …

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20 Week Scan & Gender Reveal – Baby Number 2

Gender Revel 20 week scan

Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal!! Our 20 week scan was awesome and we took Hayden along with us so he could have a first glance at his baby sister or brother. We got there in perfect timing and was called into the same room we had for our 12 week …

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12 Week Scan with Baby Number 2

Hey Guys, I’m back with another pregnancy update, this one our 12 Week Scan with baby number 2. With my first pregnancy with Hayden I jumped on YouTube at 21 weeks Pregnant  Watch the video and let you guys know weekly what was going on but this time round I …

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First Trimester With Baby Number 2

Hey guys, I wanted to update my blog with a pregnancy update on my first trimester with baby number 2 nicknames cubby by myself and Tuesday by Hayden. I haven’t actually posted anything about my pregnancy on my blog since the Pregnancy Announcement – If you missed it go check …

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Then There Were Four… Pregnancy Announcement

That’s right ladies and gents We’re expecting… Berice Baby #2 We are so excited to announce we’ll be welcoming our newest addition in Feb 2017 Hayden is over the moon and one of the proudest big brothers I’ve ever seen, he can’t wait for ‘his baby’ to come. He’s made …

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