Hyde Park – Winter Wonderland London 2017

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2017

Christmas is right around the corner folks which can only mean one thing. Fun Christmas outings for the family at Winter Wonderland as we approach the big day. We were invited to 2017 Winter Wonderland London in Hyde Park for a family day out. We had previously been the year …

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NETFLIX – Barbie, King Julien, My Little Pony and More Wish Your Little One Happy Birthday

Netflix have gone and done it again. We were part of their New Year Countdown launch in 2015 and words can’t explain how excited Hayden was on New Years 2015 when he got to celebrate with King Julien we did it all over again in 2016. NETFLIX now have a new …

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StreamTeam: Previously On NETFLIX – March

Welcome to our first month of ‘Previously on Netflix‘ a new monthly link up hosted by Laura from and myself. As you might already know I’m part of the NETFLIX Stream Team and so is my NETFLIX BFF Laura and a few other bloggers part of this awesome team. So …

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Netflix For Movie Lovers This Halloween

Time for Netflix and Thrill. HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU SCARY MARY’S … I’m back again, for another addition of Netflix and Thrill. Need a movie or two to watch?  Well lock all doors and windows ready for a spooky night in ready for epic Netflix and Thrill session … Like what Ive …

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Netflix TV Shows To Binge On This Halloween

Time for Netflix and Thrill. HAPPY HALLOWEEN YOU SCARY MARY’S … What’s on the itinerary for today then? Trick or Treating with the little monsters? Baking up a spooky treat? Or simply taking it easy indoor avoiding the Mikaelson & Salvatore brother that might be roaming the streets of Mystic …

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Netflix For The Littles This Halloween

Halloween is upon us and I’m mega excited. Actually excited is an understatement – Halloween is actually my favourite holiday of the year followed closely by Christmas obviously. As you may know already I am a Netflix Stream Teamer so we get unlimited access to their streaming service which include movies …

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Netflix Stream Team: DreamWorks Dragons Race to the Edge

A few months ago Netflix launched a whole new Dragons series which we absolutely adore! DreamWorks Dragons Race to the Edge This Netflix original series features  13-episodes with Hiccup and Toothless leading the Dragon Riders as they soar beyond the borders of Berk and discover the mysterious Dragon eye – an ancient artifact filled with …

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Netflix Stream Team: Orange Is The New Black Returns To Our Screens

Orange Is The New Black

Last month saw the return of Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black – Season 3. It felt like a lifetime waiting since season 2 ended, to be more precise a whole year of missing Piper, Crazy Eyes, Poussey & Taystee. I usually get really antsy when having to …

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Netflix: Exclusive Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

From time to time being a part of the stream team I was invited to Netflix Original events and including Orange Is the New Black and All Hail King Julien. This time it was to one of their brand new original series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at The Soho Hotel …

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Netflix Stream Team: From Dusk Till Dawn A Netflix Original Series

From Dusk Till Dawn Netflix Original Series

So I am a massive fan of vampires, zombies, werewolves and witches (if their from The Originals) and if there is a TV series on it I’m most probably watching it. From Dusk Till Dawn was one of my favourite films to watch in-terms of the Horror genre and when …

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Netflix Stream Team: Netflix Does It Again – The Adventures Of Puss In Boots

The Adventures Of Puss In Boots

We finally got to feast our eyes on the New Netflix Original Series Puss In Boots. Puss in Boots only came out recently but we were still trying to get over the hype of the amazing All Hail King Julian – Hayden is weirdly obsessed with that furry little lemur king. We actually …

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King Julien’s Mahiki Launch Party!

Being part of the Netflix Steam Team is truly amazing! We were invited along to the launch and preview screening of the Brand New Netflix Original ‘All Hail King Julien’ at the weekend. Let me tell you – we had a blast!  The atmosphere was buzzing, loads of people, celebs, …

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Netflix Stream Team: Home Cinema Save Pennies

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Who’s done all their Christmas shopping already? I know I haven’. Only God knows what I’m waiting for. We all want to be able to save on the pennies don’t we – What with Black Friday & Cyber Monday there were tons …

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The Wildest Party Ever Hits the Jungle: Netflix Original Series All Hail King Julien

All Hail King Julien

Head Back to Madagascar for a Non-Stop Party as Julien Takes the Throne, With Mort, Maurice and a Colourful Cast of New Characters in His Court Oh Boy – Oh Boy! This is some exciting stuff! Netflix I love you!  King Julia is the BEST not to mention Mort he …

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Netflix Stream Team: Whats Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Witt-Woo You Scary Mary’s, (I have no idea what that’s all about) It’s the month of Halloween – Eeek!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays actually I think my most favorite … Then followed by Christmas. Not that there’s many to choose from BUT anywho! Who’s after 8 of …

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A New Original Series For Kids: Netflix Popples

Netflix Popples

NETFLIX AND SABAN BRANDS ANNOUNCE POPPLES, A NEW ORIGINAL SERIES FOR KIDS Based On The Lovable Characters From The 1980s, Popples Is Set To POP Onto Netflix Worldwide In 2015 About Popples Popples are fun, lovable, brightly coloured and adorable creatures that transform from fluffy balls to furry friends and …

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The world-famous super-power snail Turbo and his posse of adrenaline junkie fueled snail buddies that form the Fast Action Stunt Team (F.A.S.T) are back, meeting the craziest challengers. No matter how wild things get, the Fast Action Stunt Team always has each other’s backs and their need for speed delivers …

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Netflix Stream Team: Summer Means Musicals and Crafts

Most kids probably think their mum’s taste in music is light years apart from theirs, but they might actually be surprised. Are you one of the mums who is a closet ‘Belieber’, watching Never Say Never when the kids have been put to bed? We can keep a secret. This …

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