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Part 2 – My Labour Story Saturday 7th April 2012

Saturday 7th April 2012 Woke up Saturday & I was feeling so sore, my hips & lower back felt like I had over done it. But the day was pretty normal… And with no contractions not even Braxton Hicks, I slept for pretty much most of the day. My mum …

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Part 1 My Labour Story – Friday 6th April 2012

Friday 6th April 2012 41 weeks Pregnant – Woke up bright & early to go get a sweep done with my better half. We made our way by cab to the Community Midwife unit 1.5miles from our home. Got there & saw Midwife Sarah she gave me the once over …

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Welcome Hayden Pascal – Our Perfect Baby Boy

Charlotte & Rovi are proud to announce our perfect baby boy Master Hayden Pascal Berice Born 10 April 2012 11:02am 7lb 4oz Hayden minutes old My little Love bug Second Kiss From Mummy Making Birth Announcements Kisses From Daddy All smiles Proud Daddy Hayden entered into the world with a …

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Hello Due Date, Where’s My Baby?

Oh hello due date, Its wonderful to finally see you! It really is.I have actually waited 280 days for you! Now lets make the magic happen!Come on out little man & meet Mummy & Daddy… Been waiting a lifetime for you! Lotte xo  Keep in touch: Twitter | Facebook | …

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Welcome little Munchkin – 12 Week Pregnancy Scan

Hayden 12 Weeks

[Posted back in September 2011 on Tumblr] I would like to welcome my 12 Week Pregnancy Scan introducing our 12 week & 5 days old little Munchkin onto my blog to say ‘Hello’. My other half & I are over the moon after quite a few months of trying… So …

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