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Welcome to Berice Baby Blog
I am a mummy of one, Hayden. Born 04/2012, Partner to my Soul mate Rovi and full time blogger. My full-time job is a parent/lifestyle blogger I write about family life & what we like doing in our day-to-day life while living in London Town. Starting out our journey on YouTube sharing my pregnancy with Hayden weekly there was a considerable amount of people interested in us and our day-to-day life – This is how bericebaby.co.uk was created in 2012.
On this blog you’ll find:
 Family Days out | Gift guides | Reviews | Giveaways | Baby, Mummy & Daddy Style | Family Life | Free From Foods  Recipes | Press Events | YouTube Videos | Fun Tag Posts | Blog Post Link Ups

If you would like to know any more about Berice Baby blog or have any blog post or YouTube videos requests please email me at charlotte@bericebaby.co.uk and I will try my best to make them happen.

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About Me

– My name is  Charlotte aka Lotte
– I’m 29 Years Young
– Born and raised in East London, United Kingdom
– I am a very proud mummy to a beautiful little boy – Who I call my Caterpillar aka Hayden Pascal
– I am a Full Time Blogger
– I am in love with an amazing guy who’s Uber kool – Just like me
– I can’t eat Peanuts (allergic) & can only have dairy products in moderation as I’m allergic to that also – Crap, I know right!
– I am a driver of a cute little black 107 number
– I smell like Paco Rabanne or Nina Ricci
– I’m stupidly scared of Spiders, Sharks, Vampires and Zombies
– My heritage is Bajan (Barbados), St Lucian (St Lucia)
– I can count the number of my real friends on one hand
– I love to wear River Island, Zara, BooHoo & Matalan – I love style in general it fascinates me … wish I was stylish
– I love a bit of the karaoke, alright a lot of karaoke so much I can stay up till the sunrises singing on my own *side eyes*
– I love shopping for new Gadgets, gotta keep up with the Joneses (Love that movie) No it didn’t teach me a single thing!
– I love, love, love to travel to different countries & have travelled every year since the age of two
– I love my parents with all my heart, every single last bit! They are amazing people … especially to put up with me – Jeez!
– I can listen to ALL types of music *Currently listening to Ruth B – Lost Boy*
– Being somewhere hot & sunny is the best environment for me… I seem to glow, apparently
– I laugh A LOT … Sorry! … Not Sorry
– Reality TV, The Sims 3, Google & YouTube four of the best inventions known to me!
– I wish I could wear heels all day everyday, but I can’t as they hella hurt after about 1 hour
– I got my first gym membership in Aug 2014 to be a cool IG fitness chicks with the cute butts *cough* watch this space
– My WCW every week will be Kim Kardashians
– I am ridiculously loyal
– When I hear Kanye West – Black Skinhead I got insane! The beat is Cray!
– Oh and did I mention I am in love with my boys, like madly truly deeply.

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About Him

– His name is Rovi Berice
– Aged 29 years young
– Complete gym freak
– The most stylish man I know (He’s the one that style’s Hayden – I take no credit)
– Loves football (Man United supporter)

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About Little Man

– Hayden Pascal Berice
– 3 years young (4 in April) Very tall for his age
– Allergic to Gluten, Barley, Dairy, Egg & Tree Nuts
– He amazes me everyday … Like real talk! I can just sit here and he fascinates me
– Favorite song All Hail King Julien Theme Tune
– He is a massive show off 
– He has an exceptional memory for a three year old
– Ask him his name and he will tell you … HAYDEN BURR-REEC
– Loves the films Goosebumps, Big Hero 6 & Pinocchio
– Convinced he’s going to Legoland and staying in the hotel for his 4th birthday
– A complete womanizer
– Favorite colour is Red just like his mummy
– An annoying back seat driver … He hates red lights & overtime the car stops


To get in contact view the Contact Page
or email me directly charlotte [at] bericebaby.co.uk

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  1. Hi from Nassau, Bahamas! Stumbled across this while searching for yet another calendar desktop. I change them every few days. Just put up the one with all of the autumn coloured triangles, at least that’s what it looks like to me 🙂 Your surname also caught my eye as we have Braithwaites here. I had a Bajan uncle but have to ask my cousin exactly which part of Barbados her dad was from (he came to the Bahamas as a policeman in the ’50s). End End, huh? My husband is an East End Boy and longtime Westham United supporter. I’ve been to London 5 or 6 times and will probably be there in 2017 for a family event. Your blog looks interesting and I’ll be back (even though our girls are 27 & 19 🙂 )

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