Mid-Range Smartphone

Will Google Launch a Mid-Range Smartphone this Summer?

There is no doubt that Google phones represent some of the most innovative devices on the market. However, one of the issues faced by many of us is that they tend to be somewhat expensive. This is particularly true of the high-end models. Many of you who have kids probably have to stick to a stringent budget each month. So, you’ll be happy to learn that Google could soon be offering a mid-range smartphone to the public. Why are they considering this move and what advantages can you expect?

All About Business

To be fair, large organisations rarely make decisions because they mark the “right thing to do”. Google has struggled to compete with Apple’s lofty distribution figures for some time. By providing a mid-range option, they hope to increase their market share. Google is said to be targeting this new Pixel phone at India first of all. India is still trying to increase usage of modern internet technology. The new model could therefore be a great option for those who are dealing with a limited amount of income.

Mid-Range Smartphone

The Global Rise of Smartphones

There’s also a bigger picture to consider. Studies predict that 2.5 billion people will own a smartphone by 2019. Most of you probably already do, and your kids will bug you for the newest models every year. Some even claim that the rise of these handy devices will all but get rid of the need for personal computers. Regardless of the outcome, there’s no doubt that mobile phones have impacted our lives at a deep level. Google is just tapping into this market.

Millions of us have smartphones to check emails and keep track of our busy schedules. They make keeping in touch with friends and family easy through video chats. In some ways they are great learning tools for our kids too. Lots of apps are designed to help them develop new skills.

Of course, us adults can try new things as well. Smartphones can actually be used to top up your income. Have you considered this? The world of online investing or trading is one example. Trading portals provide apps that allow you to make profits on financial assets. Stocks and currencies provide two examples. Modes like spread betting are useful in the UK, since you can avoid capital gains tax and stamp duty. Other ways to top up your income might include selling crafts or things you don’t need any more. The more sophisticated phones become, the more uses we will find for them.

The Wave of the Future?

This announcement could signal a shift in pricing options for the average customer.

It’s significant for those who need to use such a device for professional purposes. Models such as the Pixel are also great for snapping family photos or checking social media. Experts believe that this phone will be introduced in the late summer. This has yet to be officially confirmed.

Will this moderately priced phone be released to regions other than India? We are not yet entirely certain. If Google experiences a great deal of success within this test market, a mid-range smartphone could be in your hands much sooner than you think!


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