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5 Simple Tips to Keep a Compact Home Clean and Tidy

Do you know the reasons the Navy prioritises cleanliness and having a compact home more than the other armed forces? I’ll tell you, it’s essential when each sailor has such a small living area. Dirt, grime and mess are just as obvious in a bijou property as they are on board a ship. The small scale of the surroundings magnifies muck.

Want to keep your dinky dwelling place delightfully fresh?
Here are five simple tips to keep a compact home clean and tidy.


Stowaway space is naturally at a premium in a smaller property. So donating unnecessary items to charity shops makes room for the things you really need.

But there’s no reason to ditch all your treasured possessions just because you’ve downsized.

Because more of us are living in petite properties, some shops supply items like clever under-sink towel racks and streamlined shelf units.

With well-designed products, you can make use of nooks and crannies you’ve never considered before, without your space feeling cluttered and claustrophobic.

Compact Home


The wrong type of flooring can quickly become unkempt in a smaller home — so choose your underfoot materials wisely. A durable carpet provides a bit of luxury in your living room, but having it fitted throughout isn’t the best option — wear and tear will quickly age it. Low-maintenance vinyl is a good kitchen choice, while stained wood will suffice in vestibules and hallways.


Furniture should obviously be functional and comfortable — we all need a soft sofa to rest and relax in. But in a small property, it’s wise to combine your favourite colours and designs with easy-clean furniture fabric — especially if you’ve got children and pets.

The initial outlay might be more substantial, but your money’s spent more wisely on chairs and settees that last longer — and when you’re confident spills and stains can be easily removed, there’s far less household stress.


A good vacuum cleaner is an essential purchase for any domestic property, but some traditional models can be unwieldy in smaller spaces. However, several manufacturers offer lighter handheld models specifically designed for flats and caravans.They take up less storage space as well as keeping your interior in tip-top condition — and are so simple to use that kids will have no excuse to miss their chores.


When it comes to household cleanliness, prevention is better than cure. So investing in durable door mats ensures that guests are less likely to drag dirt from their mucky shoes inside your home — you can even purchase personalised versions complete with a witty greeting or family motto.

And if you want to be doubly sure your floors stay sparkling, insist that no outdoor shoes are worn inside — respectful guests will have no problem complying with your rules.


If you want to stay shipshape, follow these five simple tips to keep a compact home clean and tidy.
Can you improve on these tips?


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