Calculated Risks

Risky Business – Foolish vs Calculated Risks

Are you a risk taker?
Do you take calculated risks or those foolish ones?
I have to put my hands up, I am not a risk taker at all. I usually stick to what I know to avoid disappointment if i’m honest. 
I know there are a lot of people out there that consider themselves a big risk taker and some who avoid risks at all costs. Shepherds Friendly Society think its important to weigh up your risks and to educate yourself on the difference between taking a foolish risk and a calculated one.

Sometimes we take risks without knowing we are even doing so. Some risks we take benefit us for the better like creating a positive change for the best.

Did you know that based on the 625 people Shepherds Friendly Society surveyed only 10% of them were risk takers – That actually surprised me. However, believe it or not we all take risks every day without even realising it.

Calculated risks

Driving to and from work: The risk of being in an accident. How about using our cards: The risk of fraudulent activity. Or even one of my worse fears of sharing an idea: The risk of getting turned down – Ouch.

Shepherds Friendly Society carried out some more research and found that only 16.3% could survive for over 12 months based on the amount they have saved. Income Protection Insurance can help you and your family cope if absence from work due to illness or injury meant that your regular income was lost.

Have a look below at this infographic created by Shepherds Friendly Society on taking foolish vs calculated risks and how to avoid foolish risks. 
It is extreamly helpful – I hope this helps you in making risks a lot more wisely.

Calculated Risks



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