Online Learning For Busy Mums

Online Learning For Busy Mums –  4 Reasons It Is A Good Fit

Becoming a parent gives you a new perspective on every aspect of your life — children add an amazing new dimension, alongside new responsibilities. But becoming a mum might put your career plans and personal goals on hold permanently.

This isn’t necessary — taking a distance learning degree helps you boost your current career or enter an exciting new job sector. Here are four reasons online learning’s a perfect fit for busy mums.


When you’re juggling childcare responsibilities with your current job, you might think there’s no time to squeeze anything extra into your schedule.

But universities understand that flexibility’s crucial for adult students — so it’s possible to study where and when it suits your lifestyle.

And the part-time working revolution means career success and a full family life aren’t incompatible — some part-time execs even find their performance improves by having protected family time.

Flexible studying means it might take a little longer to graduate — but there’s less danger of burning yourself out.

Online Learning For Busy Mums


Studying online means there’s less opportunity to meet your peers in person — but the flipside is that your classmates could be located anywhere in the world, so you’re plugging into a global network of contacts.

Modern tech means that you can support each other through your studies, but there’s a good chance you’ll also make lasting friendships — and you might even strike up business partnerships.

As you near the end of your course, setting up a job search support group with other mums on your course is a great way of fast-tracking career plans and connecting with employers and recruitment agencies.

By the end of your course you’ll be in the enviable position of having a valuable network of international contacts on tap.

Career change

If you’re spending time and money on an online degree you’ll want to pick a course with good vocational value.

So studying with a reputable provider provides some peace of mind that the end result will be an exciting promotion or new career.

An institution like Anglia Ruskin distance learning offers courses for in-demand industries like digital marketing and healthcare management.

But if you’re looking to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and set up your own business, an MBA can help you achieve lift-off.

So take time to pick an accredited course that helps you climb the ladder in your existing organisation or migrate sectors completely.

Online Learning For Busy Mums


Once you’ve perfected time-management and multitasking, you might find that parenting responsibilities and continuing education are complementary — their transferrable skills combine to enhance your life.

And it’s never too late to learn new skills — whether you’re changing careers in your 30s or learning to read in your 80s.

By taking the plunge with a distance learning degree while your kids are young, you could be living life to the full by the time they get into the swing of their education.

These four reasons online learning’s a good fit for busy mums will let you supercharge your careers plans this year.


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