You and Your Family Pet

You and Your Family Pet – Getting the Kids Involved!

Whether it was Labradooble puppies for sale in Manchester that did it for you, or a trip to your local rescue centre that melted your heart, becoming a dog owner is a wonderful and life changing moment for everyone!

If like me, you have young children at home then getting them involved in your new dog’s daily routine can be really rewarding for them, for you and for you pet! But don’t worry if they’re too young to pick up the poop or if you’re worried about confusing your dog’s new training routine – there are plenty of other ways you can get them involved.

Make them the treat givers

What better way to get your kids involved then by making them the treat givers!? Everyone knows how important positive reinforcement is and allowing your children to dish out the treats when your dog has been a good boy will only reinforce the positive relationship your dog will have with them.

Be careful though, if your dog is a new puppy then their little teeth can easily break the skin if they nip or get a little excited when they see a treat coming! If this is the case, then simply tell your child to drop the treat in front of the puppy instead of feeding them it directly.

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Go walkies

Everyone knows that dogs need exercise and regular walks are the traditional way to go. Walking your puppy is not only crucial exercise but it’s also a way to introduce them to the world around them and teaching them to socialise! Allowing your children to take the lead and telling them the importance of walkies will make them become better pet owners. It’ll also help your puppy become a well-rounded pet who won’t pull on the lead and will listen to your commands.

If your children are a little too young for this activity, then why not let them walk them round the garden? A safe environment for everyone involved and a tired puppy and a tired child? What could be better?

Everyday care

Sometimes it’s easier to go back to basics. Under your supervision, you can show your little one how much dog food they need to place in the puppy bowl. The importance of cleaning and refilling their water bowl and keeping the puppy toys clean and in a safe place.

If your puppy has a long coat and they’re likely to have visits to the groomers in their adult life, then let your child introduce it to them now. A soft puppy brush and gentle guiding hand from mum or dad makes this the perfect bonding exercise.

Make sure your child knows about the correct kind of behaviour your puppy should be showing. If your puppy nips when food or treats are given to them, then make sure your child doesn’t react angrily or shows fear. Show them the correct commands and tone they need to use so the puppy knows who is in charge.


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