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The Key to Finding a London Home

Looking for a home in London is tough. It’s not just more expensive than in smaller towns and cities, demand is so high that the market moves incredibly quickly. It’s not rare for people to view a flat. Then hear it has been rented to someone else before you’ve had the chance to make a decision. People also have viewings cancelled because houses are snapped up between them arranging the viewing in the morning and going to see it in the evening.

It makes for a stressful, worrying time. You have a firm deadline for when you need to find a home. So with a this time ticking down it becomes more and more urgent to sign a contract. Even if it’s ultimately not the right home for you. The need to get a roof over your head forces you to make compromises you’d never normally want to, as the alternative is becoming homeless.

London Home

The key to finding the right home for you, then, is to relieve this pressure and extend your deadline. Then you won’t be beholden to the emotional blackmail of the lettings market, and can make a decision you’re completely happy with.

The first step to finding a London Home

Keep your possessions safe. 
If you have to move out of your existing flat before you’ve confirmed your new one, you need to make sure you’re not leaving everything you own behind. Your landlord will first dispose of your possessions, then charge you for doing that.

Getting your possessions into a storage facility takes that weight off your mind.
Most of them offer rolling contracts with short notice cancellation, so you don’t have to pay more than you need. You can then furnish your new home as soon as you’ve moved in. If you’re looking storage London has plenty to offer. Visit byStored for more details.

London Home

Once your possessions are safe, you need to worry about yourself: let your friends know about your plight. The upside of the housing market in London being so stressful is that everyone will remember similar experiences. You’d surprised at how many friends have spare rooms and sofas. Simply ask if you can stay there until your living situation is sorted.

With a big network of friends, you’ll be able to sofa surf until you’ve found exactly the right flat for you. Without actually wearing out your welcome with any one friend. Making sure you pull your weight, pay a share of bills and cook every so often, and people will be happy to have you, and pleased to come to your housewarming!


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  1. my brother loves in london and he loves it! I am on the outskirts in surrey. Great idea to not rush into it – you’re going to be paying a lot so you want it to be somewhere you’ll love

  2. Wow, that does sound stressful. Some great tips to get started with though!