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Giving Thanks With Basic Invite

Tis’ the season for giving! Giving thanks, giving gifts, and giving holiday cheer.
What better way to do so then with Basic Invite. Giving is such a good thing and it’s what the holiday season is all about, but with giving also comes gratitude. It’s important to remember that even though someone may be giving out of the goodness of their heart it’s still essential to show gratitude and thankfulness.

This is a busy time of year for all of us so it’s understandable to overlook something or space on one or two things, but with the help of Basic Invite and their holiday thank you notes – it will not only be easy to thank everyone who did something for you this season, but it will be fun because you get to design the cards yourself!

Basic Invite

So, for those times when a simple thank you isn’t enough or the chance to thank someone in person has passed, send a thank you note! It’s always nice to get a special piece of mail especially during the holidays and if you don’t get the chance to order holiday greeting cards or family Christmas cards now is your chance to send out a little something to loved ones.

Something specific with Basic Invite

Even if you can’t pinpoint something specific that a loved one has done for you it’s still nice to thank them for their love and support and let them know you are thinking of them. This year you can do that with the cutest thank you cards from Basic Invite. If you haven’t heard of this company listen up because you have been missing out!

Basic Invite is an online stationery design company with over 1500 thank you card designs and so much more. What sets Basic Invite apart from other card companies? A lot! But some of their highlights include unlimited customization options, 180 colors, 100 font choices, real foil in three colors and two styles, frosted and clear wedding invitations, and personal stationery that is monogramed and watercolor washed to perfection!

Basic Invite

Christmas is coming and it’s time to send out those holiday cards. Today is your lucky day because Basic Invite is offering 30% off all holiday cards now! And if you decide thank you notes are more your style just use code 15FF51 for 15% off your entire order. It seems Basic Invite is also in the giving spirit.

Check them out on all of their social media platforms at @basicinvite for holiday, wedding, and stationery inspiration.





Happy Holidays!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. These look so thoughtful and pretty! I love giving and receiving cards at this time of year so what a perfectly timed post! Thanks for sharing x

  2. These are gorgeous. I need some thank you cards for the children’s presents so will definitely check them out.

  3. These are such pretty thank you cards. I’m pretty bad and I usually just text someone thanks but these are nice for those special occassions x

  4. What lovely and thoughtful cards! They would be so amazing to receive. So pretty too!

  5. Personalised cards can look really well done and it’s always nice to know someone’s gone to real effort to give you a lovely card.

  6. Love the look of these cards. A lot of thought and time has gone in to these. Thanks for sharing


  7. Basic Invites are a great idea for thank you cards. I love that they are so customisable. I’ve found now my daughter is older we don’t seem to write thank you cards any more, it’s something we should start doing again.

  8. What a lovely idea, great products and an incredibly generous discount. Definitely worth considering!