Playstation Family 2017

Playstation Family Event 2017 #PlaystationFamily17

We were invited to the Playstation Family event for 2017.
PlayStation wanted to showcase all the awesome games they have available for families in the run up to Christmas. There were so many that we loved. I’m currently hooked on the PlayLink games available for groups of all ages.
Keep reading to find out more.

Family Playstation

If you knew me in my former life (before my name changed to Mummy) you’d know I was a pretty hands on gamer but mainly PC games… I love a good time management but untimely I was part of The Sims family from the very first game and expansion packs to getting to grips just a little with the 4th instalment – it’s pretty epic. When it came console games I could never get to grips with the console controller for some reason. But when I did play my PlayStation it was more role-playing games & dance mat or Singstar.

Family Playstation 2017 Family Playstation 2017 Family Playstation 2017 Family Playstation 2017

I would play Final Fancy for hourS. Not to mention Ridge Racer, Tekken & Sol Calibur (Sol Edge PS1). I have owned a PlayStation one, PSP, PlayStation 2 and now we own a PlayStation 4, looking forward to building up our game collection.

We had a brilliant morning testing out a variety of fun, safe and practical games that the family can get in on the action.

Playstation Family 2017 Playstation Family 2017 Playstation Family 2017

The games on exhibition at the event were

Family-friendly PS4

  • Knack 2
  • Everybody’s Golf
  • GT Sport
  • FIFA 18
  • NBA 2K18
  • Lego Marvels 2
  • Lego Ninjago
  • Crash Bandicoot


  • Knowledge is Power
  • Frantics
  • That’s You

Playlink is something new for me & I absolutely LOVE IT. Like I said before I can never seem to get to grips with the console controller but with playlink you can use your smart phone to control your player on-screen – Pretty epic if you ask me. Genius for people who like me find the controller tricky or for the little ones who want to get in on the action and find it difficult using the controller just yet. 
All games can be found and purchased from the Playstation Store. Some games have free demos too.

Check out this awesome How to Guide from the lovely writer, comedian and TV presenter Ellie Gibson. It’s brilliant for parents on helping us help our littles stay safe while still having the ultimate fun gaming.

Family Playstation 2017

Parents Guide to PlayStation – link

I’m currently loving The Last Of Us, I watched the complete walk-through on YouTube a couple years back and now playing it with Mr B on the controller it’s pretty epic.
I hope that I’ll get the hang of the controller now I’m trying to play more.

What are you playing?
What games do you currently like the look of?


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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