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Vitality – #WomenInSport

Last month I agreed to take part in a campaign organised by Vitality. It was all about inspiring women to join team sports and enjoying all the surprising benefits from it that you don’t initially think about.

Recently there has been a big push to get more women active and national women’s sports is finally gaining the coverage it deserves however for so many of us, team sport is still be really intimidating.

So I’ve joined in with Vitality’s #WomenInSports project to document The benefits of playing team sports. We’ll be able to see what can happen on and off pitch.

About Vitality

Vitality are the first insurance company to reward people for healthy living. They’re owned by Discovery Holdings, a leading global insurer with over 4.4 million clients.

We were given a choice of four sports to choose from football rugby netball and hockey. My first first sports choice was football, then I thought why not try rugby. Obviously I chickened out and then I went back to football. I’m actually really glad with my decision and I think football will be a great first step confidence builder for myself.

To launch the #WomenInSport event myself and 9 other bloggers/influencers were invited to an a lovely day out hosted by Champany Spa in Tring.

Vitality Women In Sport Vitality Women In SportVitality Women In Sport

We took part in a HIIT fitness class ate an amazing healthy lunch and got to chill out for the rest of the day using their beautiful spa facilities. I had only ever been to a spa once before (I really need to go more often) so I was very excited for our first event together.

Vitality Women In SportVitality Women In Sport

Vitality Women In SportVitality Women In SportVitality Women In SportVitality Women In Sport

If you’re interesting in finding out the best way to find your local team this campaign from Vitality will help you take that first step. Go on you know you want to – If I can so can you.

I got to meet some seriously amazing inspirational woman who are also part of the Vitality campaign. You’ll be able to see their profiles in the link below and read a bit about them

Women In Sport

Keep your eyes peeled for more events that I’ll be attending this month I’ll be blogging about it and updating my social media on the day so you can get a first hand feel of how I’m getting on.

If you have any questions feel free to get in contact.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I must admit I’m being wondering if a team sport could be the way to improve my fitness and keep it fun at the same time – I’m not that big a fan of jogging.

  2. This is a really great campaign! I love anything that promotes getting outdoors and meeting new people!

    C x

  3. this looks fantastic – the location, the food… not to mention the campaign! Goodness all round!