Healthy Kids Secrets

Raise Healthy Kids with These 9 Secrets

It is imperative that when it comes to your kids’ health, you must always be up and ready to do anything that’s best for them. One of the greatest outcomes you get out from this is seeing them happy and full of enthusiasm.

Although spending time and playing with your children sounds pretty fun, there are some pretty serious areas that you need to focus on to keep your child in tip-top shape. Here are 9 secrets that can help you raise happy and healthy kids.

Support your child’s active pursuits

Encourage your children to head outside the house. Go out with them and let them play for a few hours. Or when you’re feeling on-the-go, you can also opt to take them on a nice long walk or hike.

Healthy Kids Outdoor Fun

Staying out in the day increases your children’s exposure to sunshine. Exposing your child’s skin to the sun gets him or her vitamin D in a natural way. This essential vitamin can help boost their immunity and can build and strengthen their bones.

The fresh air that they get outside is also just as healthy. Not only does it help their immune system fight off disease more effectively, it also boosts their brain health as they get to breathe in more oxygen.

So try to limit their screen time: TV, computer, video games or even mobile phones, to a most of two hours per day. Limiting their use on gadgets will persuade them to get out of the doors more often and explore the world around them.

Serve vitamin-rich snacks that are appetising

Stock up your pantry with a diverse supply of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products. Remember to always go for fresh and organic produce when you can.

Take your kids out with you when you do your groceries so they’ll get the chance to choose what they want since most of them are pretty much picky with food.

In line with that, you must be more creative by choosing tasty and vitamin-rich snacks. Better yet, invite them to help you with their snack prep since kids would be more likely eat what they made.

Healthy Kids Vitamins

Offer lots of drinking water

A child’s brain is composed of 80% water. That is why staying hydrated is particularly important for their ideal cognitive development.

There is a certain amount of water that children must consume daily depending on their age. Generally, on a day’s count, a child must be able to drink the number of glasses of water that corresponds to their age.

For example, a 1-year old child should drink 1 glass of water per day, a 2-year old must have 2 glasses of water, and then the list goes so on and so forth.

Just an important note to remember: It is best for your child to be exclusively breastfed from birth up to six months. So after that, they can then start drinking water.

Teach them proper hygiene

Teaching the principles of correct hygiene at an early age will influence the way children will approach their personal hygiene for life.

  • Hand-washing

Washing hands stops the spread of infection, not only just between children but for people of all ages.

Children should be educated how to wash their hands properly, when they should do it, and most importantly, why they must do it.

  • Oral-hygiene

Good dental care must already begin even before your baby’s first tooth appears. Why? Because of the fact that even babies can develop tooth decay if good oral hygiene isn’t practiced.

Tooth decay can greatly affect your children’s health because it can cause severe pain, poor eating, and interrupted sleep. Fortunately, there is super easy solution to that – Fluoride. Although for babies, running a clean, damp wash-cloth over the gums will already be sufficient to clear away those harmful bacteria.

Fluoride is what builds and maintains the protective enamel on our teeth. So as soon as your child has teeth, brush them with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day.

Healthy Kids Teeth

Enforce a sleeping schedule

Generally, a child must get around 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Setting a specific bedtime each evening will help you meet this.

Discipline your child to stick carefully to this schedule so that their body clock will be set so. But when unforeseen circumstances arise and sleeping on time doesn’t seem possible, you may allow your child to sleep in to catch up with lost time.

Sleep may help your child’s health in many ways.

It allows their body to fight off any probable infections and it can also help them recover quickly from sickness. It will also boost their gut health as their digestive system will be able to work well with enough rest. Good sleep can also result in a healthier mindset so they can stay calm all day.

Vaccinate on time

Due to the many shots that are required for your kid’s protection, you might get overwhelmed and think about delaying some of the scheduled vaccinations. But, you must be reminded that the vaccine schedules are carefully calculated to give the immunizations at the time where they are most effective.

Healthy Kids Vaccinate

Deviating from the set schedules will not guarantee effectiveness. In fact, research shows that delaying vaccinations increases the risk for fever-related seizures after the shots are administered and may even leave children at risk for disease longer.

Don’t overmedicate a fever

Yes, it might be tempting to immediately run for medication at your child’s first sign of fever, but you must take caution.

If you quickly attempt to reduce your kid’s fever with drugs like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, you may feel relieved at the moment. But you might have missed the fact that this action may damage your child’s immune system as you stopped it from performing its duty.

If and when your kid develops a fever, let the fever run its course because bacteria and virus cannot survive at higher temperatures. But when it comes to relieving your kid from sickness, it is always best to consult the doctor.

Keep communication lines open

It is best that you start conversations with your children and get their absolute trust before they reach their teen years. This will help you give them the right grown up advice as they grow.

Let your child know that they are important to you by always making an effort to be present. This act reassure them that they are loved and protected.

Providing them with practical and emotional support will greatly benefit their mental and physical health. Children who have a good support system are less prone to getting sick. They will also less likely fall into depression when the going gets tough.

Healthy Kids

Be a good role model

The best way for parents to train their children in following healthy habits is by leading through example.

So eat the healthy foods that you want your children to eat, live an active lifestyle so your kids might pursue it too, keep proper hygienic practices and always take care of your health through getting adequate rest.


Raising children should become a family affair. Never take anything for granted and always stay involved in your kids’ life.

With these top strategies, you will be able to keep your children away from harm. Just remember to engage your children in physical activities, give them good nutrition, and give them the emotional support they rightfully deserve.


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