Hacks For Your New Home

Making Life a Little Easier – Hacks For Your New Home

You’ve just moved to a new house, congratulations! Fancy some hacks for your new home?
You’ve got (most of) the boxes unpacked, you’ve met the neighbours, you know which day is bin day and you’ve finally located all the things you thought you’d lost in the chaos of the move!

So, what now? Well after the dust has settled, it may be worth thinking about getting the foundations laid for a happy, healthy life in your new home! Here are a few tips to help make the process a little easier – and so you can tick off a few extra things on your list that you may have missed! 

Unwanted guests

And we’re not talking about the in-laws! Whether it’s sales, religious groups, someone asking to speak to the “homeowner” or just people who raise your suspicions, there’s nothing more irritating than someone doing the rounds in your street, neighbourhood or cul-de-sac. Consider installing a “no-soliciting” sign in clear view – this will tell any uninvited guests not to bother ringing the doorbell; companies like smartsign.com can give you a little inspiration.

Smoke & CO alarms

Replace the batteries in any existing smoke alarms in your new home, and test them to make sure they work. Locate smoke detectors near or on the ceiling in hallways next to bedrooms as well as in other areas of the house.

Since carbon monoxide is invisible and odourless, CO detectors are as important as smoke alarms in keeping your family safe. Install CO detectors in or near each bedroom and on each level of your home. Since carbon monoxide doesn’t rise like smoke, you can install CO detectors at any height in the room.

Hacks For Your New Home

Door & window locks

Check all exterior doors on your new house to make sure have quality deadbolt locks. It’s also a good idea to have the existing locks rekeyed or changed, since there may be unaccounted keys floating around from the previous owners!

For added security consider replacing your existing locks with ones that have a built-in alarm. Alarm locks are available in keyed or keypad versions and come with three alarms setting which can be set to go off if the door is opened, tampered with, or forced.

Enjoy a family meal

Moving can be tiring and stressful for you and the little ones! So, after a long day of work, take time to unwind together. There’s no need to worry about a fancy, homemade meal – especially if you haven’t managed to unpack the kitchen yet! Order a takeaway (assuming you’ve checked out the good ones in the local area first!) by phone or online and get it delivered straight to your new front door. 

Then relax and make a plan for what you want to tackle next. You might want to start unpacking the kitchen, or maybe you just want to settle down in the living room with some well-earned treats and your favourite family film. Ice cream and The Lion King, anyone?

Hacks for your new home


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