Kitchen Appear Larger

How to make your kitchen appear larger than it is

Your kitchen is the heart of your home,  so you want to make your experience of it as good as it can be. There are several tactics you can employ to optimise the sense of space in your kitchen, here are a few ideas on how to go about it:

White works magic

Use a lick of paint to make your kitchen seem lighter, brighter and larger than it is. White’s a great choice when you want to maximise the sense of space in any room, and if you choose a brand with light reflective qualities, it will work even better. White will open up the room and make it seem more spacious, so use a new coat of paint to enhance the light levels in the hub of your home.     

Continuity is essential

When choosing paint, counter tops, flooring and accessories for your kitchen, aim to create a sense continuity, and with this in mind, par down the number of colours and patterns that you introduce; keeping them harmonious. Try to create a seamless space without interruptions and boundaries. Again, white is a great choice; you can add interest by introducing different material, textures and architectural details.

Kitchen Appear Larger

Slim fittings work well

If you are buying new cupboards, counters or appliances, look at those options that are slimmer and shallower than the norm, as this again will enhance the sense of space. Also, when fitting new countertops, use ones with rounded corners, it’s amazing the difference they’ll make to the look of the room and the ease with which you’ll manoeuvre around it.

De-cluttering is crucial

It’s difficult when you want utensils and gadgets to hand, but as much as is possible, keep clutter on the work surfaces to a minimum.  Just this one small step will help your kitchen to seem larger.  Clutter on counter tops interrupts sightlines and will make a room seem smaller than it is.    

Open up views 

When planning your kitchen, consider how you could open up views through the room, it might be by introducing open shelving or by installing a breakfast bar that’s not boxed in so that you can see through it. 

Kitchen Appear Larger

Bring the outside indoors

Also, install bifold doors to make your kitchen brighter and lighter, and improve the sight lines through the room. Just by replacing a small window or traditional panel doors with glass doors, will increase the levels of natural light immensely, so contact the bifold shop to find the design that will best suit your home.   

Lighten up with lighting

In addition to improving the natural light levels, look at how you can use artificial light to the best effect, llike fitting additional spot lights in strategic places to improve the light levels, even when it’s dark outside.    

Reflective materials come to the fore

Introduce reflective materials in to your kitchen, in other rooms the classic strategy is to introduce mirrors, but that’s not so easy in a kitchen, so think about introducing other reflective materials. Look to installing a glass backsplash, white gloss units, glass fronted cupboards or a vintage style patterned tin tiled ceiling – all of which will heighten light levels and help your kitchen to seem bigger.

So there you have a few ideas, now it’s time to get started, now where did you put the paint brush?    


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