How to Redesign Your Child’s Room on a Tight Budget

If your child’s room is looking a little worse for wear then it’s probably time to revamp the room. So, what happens if you’ve got a tight budget to work within – is a redesign still possible? Not only is a redesign possible but you can also get pretty creative and have fun with the final product. Here are some tips you can use to help transform your child’s room while sticking to your budget.

Take a Look at Flooring Options

Typically, one of the first areas that show wear and tear in a child’s room is with their flooring. Spills are pretty much inevitable with a child, whether it be food, drink, art supplies, dirt, or grime. Over time, it can be hard to keep getting the stains out and eventually it becomes a lost cause. If that sounds familiar then it’s probably wise to look into replacing the flooring.

A carpet is always an excellent option for kids. It’s soft, cosy, and helps to keep the space feeling comfortable and welcoming. If you’ve looked at the various options for carpeting you may find yourself asking are cheap carpets worth it? It really comes down to where you’re purchasing the carpet from. Just because you find cheap carpets doesn’t mean the quality is necessarily going to suffer.

Take a look at the options available online, where you can find all kinds of colours, styles, types, and price points without sacrificing the quality.


Add Pops of Colour Through Décor Pieces

There is no question about it – kids love colour. It seems the brighter the better where they are concerned, so why not add fun pops of colour through the room. This will liven up the space and you can spend as little or as much as you want. Pops of colour can be added through bedding, cushions, area rugs, artwork, paint, and even furniture.

Give the Room a Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s amazing what paint can do to a room, yet it’s one of the most inexpensive design projects you can take on. Allow your child to take part in the decision-making process and pick something that reflects their style and personal taste. If the colour they choose seems a bit too bright, bold, or dark, you can use the paint on just one wall and paint the remaining walls something softer and more neutral.


Ensure There is Plenty of Storage

Sometimes the biggest problem in a child’s room is a lack of storage space. The room can feel too small, closed in, and disorganized when there isn’t adequate storage. Consider adding a storage system to their closet, perhaps extra shelving in their room, and even storage containers that can slide under their bed.

A Space They Can Enjoy While Sticking to the Budget

Using these tips will help you to redesign your child’s room and give them a space they love and want to spend time in while sticking to your tight budget.


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