I Took A Short Break – An Update

Here’s a little update.
It’s been 7 months to be precise. A hell of a lot longer then I initially planned to take off. I’m so embarrassed but I really needed to take the time away for my health and sanity. I actually only planned on taking a little one month break (one month) but I totally underestimated myself this time round based my recovery.
I prepared myself for the same labour and delivery that I had with Hayden, I really shouldn’t have, it was the aftermath that was my downfall. To be honest my mum told me it would be about 6 months before I would be back up and running completely into the swing of things #MotherKnowsBest.
Now I feel ready, physically and emotionally to take on the world – well as much as I can be.

I want to give a massive shout out to my bump buddy and TV Show partner in crime who continuously keeps me sane Jenna. If you’re not already following her Go! Go! Go!

Update - Hudson

Hudson Beau

Hudson Beau Berice made an appearance on Tuesday 14th February at 08:44am weighting 6.14lbs. The labour was intense but amazing completely different to Hayden’s birth story but I will be posting Hudson’s birth story as soon as I finish my third trimester update so keep an eye out for that.

Update - Hayden

Hayden Pascal

Hayden adapted to big bother-hood amazingly. I couldn’t be more proud of my big boy.
He absolutely nails being a big brother and loves his little brother – its such a beautiful thing to see.
I can honestly say I am so proud of Hayden, it’s just been us for such a long time, I always thought he would really struggle with the transition but he’s been so helpful, kind and loving. We’re pretty sure Hudson’s first official word is already Hayden.

Our first little man is now in year one at school and doing amazing so far. Getting 6/6 in his very first spelling test. I couldn’t be more proud! He is also VERY fond of swimming, he goes twice a week once for lessons & once with me for a fun/play swim.

Update - Planner

What’s next on the blog

I still have so much to share on my blog – I have the last few pregnancy update posts to share and some amazing products we’ve been testing out – I know you’ll love them because we do. I’ve had a major planner/notebook shuffle so I’ll share that with you in the coming months and if you’ve missed them, the monthly desktop and phone calendars will be making a return – I’ve had so many emails from people missing them – I’m VERY sorry for letting you guys down & they will be back in November.

I also have a FREE printable blogging planner for you guys which will be available in October so make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter to receive that first.

Thanks for sticking around and I look forward to sharing the next part of our journey with you.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Aw its so good to see you back up and running. I am sorry you had a harder time. But I am glad you took the time out to recover and put you first. I think thats hard to do sometimes. Lovely to hear Hayden is settling into year one well and into brother hood. What a lucky mummy. I still remember our little chat at Britmums about baby #2! keep well lovely and I look forward to following you and seeing your exciting product reviews. xxx

  2. Great to see you back!! Beautiful children. Look forward to reading your updates. Take it easy! Xx

  3. oh congratulations!! What a beautiful family you have. Lovely to see you back blogging x

  4. It’s great to see you back! I’m looking forward to reading more posts now, especially your birth story! 🙂 x

  5. Congratulations and welcome back sometimes it’s good to take some time off from blogging. Looking forward to reading your new posts.

  6. Oh your boys are gorgeous Charlotte! Looking forward to seeing more of you xx

  7. I am really excited you are back Charlotte, and I hope you are feeling well.