4 Ways to Improve Your Bedroom Before Winter Sets In

While it’s still autumn its a great time to improve your bedroom before winter sets in. After all, you don’t want to be buying new furniture, rugs, and wardrobes with ice on the ground and it’s slippery underfoot when hauling the items indoors.

Here are four ways to redecorate your bedroom just in time to make it cosy for winter.

Comfortable Under Foot?

When first waking up, we might prefer to put our feet down on a soft sheepskin rug or a plush carpet rather than wooden flooring, which can be cold in the early mornings. It’s more of a personal choice than anything.

Certainly, with en-suite bathrooms, you want to avoid water droplets clinging to your body all the way back to the carpet to avoid future bacterial build-up from the residual moisture. Be sure to have bathroom mats put down to avoid the transfer of water into the bedroom area, to protect any flooring changes that you make.

Bedroom Before Winter

Go Wireless or Hide the Cords

It’s a little rough on the eyes to see electrical power cords, ethernet, and USB cables snaking around the bedroom area. In the living room, it’s fine, but we spend time in the bedroom when we’re either barely awake yet or half asleep already, so tripping on a cord accidentally is a safety factor here.

Use cable ties and adhesive clips to wrap cables up and hide them behind bedside tables. Generally, out of sight, out of mind.

Bring the Romance Back

There is nothing more romantic for your sleeping arrangements than classic four poster beds.  Whether you’re a fan of historical TV shows or enjoy the juxtaposition of the modern matched with historical styles, four-poster beds offer convenience and privacy with their curtain that draws all around. Not ready to let the day in yet? Then leave the bed’s curtain drawn to avoid waking up too early; ideal for night shift workers too.

Four poster beds take their inspiration from a number of locations and historical reference points like Tudor times and Irish history. Old Windsor, but also French-inspired touches with an Orleans style or a different New England design all offer different twists on this classic design. Don’t miss out on the grandeur of solid oak beds. The choice of a canopy is optional and under-bed ready storage can be incorporated to add to the convenience.

Bedroom Before Winter

Mood Lighting

There are several reasons to overhaul the lighting in your bedroom. Firstly, going energy-efficient will save you money in the long-run. Secondly, choosing coloured lights in pastel hues or bulbs that have been designed to be a calmer lighter source help in reducing eye strain. Thirdly, bright lights make it difficult to get off to sleep and are more glaring when first turning them on in the morning.

Lighting requirements are different in the bedroom to elsewhere in your home. While a women’s makeup table requires bright lights so she can put her makeup on properly, the rest of the bedroom likely doesn’t need as much illumination.

Changing your bedroom is very rewarding because it’s the place that we rest and renew from our day’s activities. It’s also where some of the magic happens, so it’s pleasing to make it an inviting place too.


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