3 Top Tips to Lose Weight Without Sacrificing

You don’t always have to go through a long and painful diet to lose that extra weight. Obviously weight loss can very often be a lengthy process, but a sudden sacrifice with your diet should be replaced either by more strategical choices or even low-risk cosmetic surgery options. What really matters is being set on the objective to reach, and don’t expect visible results before they are actually possible.
With all this in mind, we thought we’d share some of the tips to help you follow a safe and healthy approach to weight loss without having to sacrifice on your favourite foods.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on the assumptions that not all fats are the same, and that a healthy balance of all available nutrient is key to staying slim. So rather than focusing on which types of food you are allowed to eat, you should think about how much of each you should be eating daily.

For starters, you should rely less on butter and replace it with olive oil, which lowers your cholesterol and is rich in vitamin E, meaning it is an overall healthier choice for your heart.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are at the heart of a balanced Mediterranean diet, while fish, eggs and fibre-rich kinds of bread and pasta will help you get those carbs without sacrificing on taste or quantity. What’s more, there is also room for a sweet treat every couple of days, so this is a great diet for the long term and you won’t have to through extreme sacrifices.

Daily exercise

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to see a positive impact on your fitness and looks. It is important to focus on effective types of exercise to give your muscles the tone they need daily and help your body burn more extra calories than it would otherwise.

Proper sports activities such as running, cycling and swimming are to be preferred to gym session because they are more complete and allow you to test several muscles at the same time. One hour of jogging will help you burn around 400 calories, while swimming will help you burn even 600 calories/hour.

Cosmetic surgery

Despite the bad press they earned through the years, surgical options such as liposuction have become safer and safer and also see increased competitions in the likes of CoolSculpting, which helps you get rid of extra fat by freezing fat cells, which are eventually absorbed by your body.
Both for CoolSculpting and Liposuction, Harley Street is the go-to option for UK patients, but more clinics nationwide have also been able to grow and offer a similar level of service over the last decade.


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