Why Do So Many People Choose Cosmetic Surgery?

The number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures each year is on the rise. Although previously confined to the realm of Hollywood and celebrities, more and more everyday folk are heading under the knife to alter their appearance, improve their self-confidence, and improve their health. Here are the top three reasons people have cosmetic surgery:

1. Improve appearance and self-esteem

For many people, cosmetic surgery is the only solution to fixing body issues that have persistently plagued them and ultimately had a depreciative effect on their self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery, such as a breast lift, is regularly sought after to tighten abdomens, straighten noses, and lift breasts with the ultimate goal being to improve self-image and lift self-esteem. Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly common amongst individuals who wish to change their appearance but don’t want to undergo the knife; such procedures typically include botox, lip fillers, and laser peels.

2. To reconstruct

There are many types of cosmetic surgery which although regarded as forms of plastic surgery, are actually designed to improve one’s psychological and physical health. One such type of surgery is reconstructive cosmetic surgery. This surgery is typically performed on individuals whose bodies have been disfigured in some way. Surgery may be performed to re-build cleft lips, reverse birth defects, and alleviate scarring. The surgery may be cosmetic in the sense that it will alter the individual’s appearance, but it will also have numerous psychological and physical benefits nonetheless.

Reconstructive breast surgery is commonly offered to women who have undergone breast removal surgery as a result of breast cancer; although this surgery is not physically necessary (women can survive perfectly well without having breasts), from a psychological perspective, this surgery is very much medically required as it helps to recover femininity and help to ease the trauma of treatment.

3. To tackle obesity

Many people who lose enormous amounts of weight often find that their skin – particularly around their faces, their abdomens, their upper arms and their thighs – is left sagging. This is because although the skin is able to stretch effortlessly to accommodate additional weight, it isn’t able to ping back to how it was before when the weight is lost. If the weight loss is relatively minor, the only sign of the skin having been stretched may be a couple of stretchmarks, but the weight loss is extreme, the skin is left hanging loose and sagging. Unlike fat, the excess skin that’s left over after weight-loss cannot be burned-off or shed during repeat visits to the skin, but must be surgically removed instead. Women who don’t undergo surgery are often left carting around large amounts of excess skin, the result of which being continued straight on the heart despite the initial weight loss and a lack of confidence. One particular risk is that not having the skin removed could lead people to question whether the weight loss was actually beneficial and cause them to revert to their unhealthy eating habits.


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