Easy Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary

There’s a lot going on in our busy lives: work commitments, family commitments, the need to find time to exercise, read, learn and improve, financial commitments, dreams that are yet to be fulfilled, and places we want to travel to but just can’t seem to squeeze in. All of this can feel overwhelming at times, and it’s only natural that we want to retreat somewhere we feel safe.

For many of us, that safe space is our bedrooms. If we’re lucky, they’re the one environment we can inhabit without needing to put on a show for the world, and if you’re really lucky, you might even be able to limit the amount of time your children spend in it too!

But what can you do if your bedroom isn’t this peaceful place quite yet? Well, here are a handful of ways to transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you deserve…

Make it off-limits

First and foremost, it’s crucial to quite literally draw a line at the threshold of your bedroom. Remember that house guests and friends have no place in your bedroom, and you can even put rules in place for your children: i.e. “you may come into my bedroom, but not before 6.30am, and you must go to sleep in your own bedroom at night-time”. This way, your bedroom will start to take on meaning as a space that you unwind in rather than carry on performing your responsibilities in.


Next, spend some time throwing away, donating or recycling things that you no longer need in your bedroom. We accumulate a lot of clutter year to year, so take a day to go through it all and see if there’s anything you can part with. A room that is tidy and in good order is going to feel serene and peaceful.

That said, don’t feel too pressured to bin everything. Some people really benefit from having a purge of their bedrooms, but others enjoy the knick-knacks they’ve acquired and would feel ‘out of sorts’ if it was all disposed of. Stop de-cluttering at the point that feels right for you.

Also, some people may advise you to remove all digital devices from your bedroom while you’re de-cluttering, but this is entirely up to you. If you think your TV screen is preventing you from sleeping deeply, then by all means, take it out your bedroom. But if you enjoy falling asleep with the TV on or would love to hide in your bedroom to watch your favourite TV show in peace, keep it in! It is your sanctuary, after all.

Make your bed really comfortable

You might have overlooked the need to buy a new bedframe, base or mattress because – well – you have those things already, right? That’s understandable, but part of making a sanctuary is about actually investing in yourself a little bit, which could mean treating yourself to an upgrade on the most important piece of furniture in the room. Have a look at the beds on offer somewhere like www.divancentre.co.uk and allow yourself the pleasure of having something comfortable to look forward to. A memory foam mattress, a beautiful headboard or something with under-bed storage can have transformative effects on the room, your mood and the quality of your rest.

Once you’ve bought your new bed, follow through with upgrading your bedding too. You deserve better than itchy, scratchy, stained bed sheets, so splurge on something from The White Company or opt for something cheaper that’s nonetheless lovely, such as a set from M&S.

Think about your senses

Finally, turning your bedroom into a sanctuary is about more than physical comfort. Your eyes and nose are important too, so dress your windows in beautiful sheer curtains if you want to soften the light, or a black-out blind if you want to sleep deeply. Throw open the window to air the room, or light a scented candle or burn incense for a spa-like feel. You might not feel like burning candles or incense every day, but having it there as an option on days where you really need to unwind will do you good.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Great tips! Our bedroom is clutter free (though there’s a tonne of clean laundry currently piled up in baskets on our floor!) and defo off limits to everyone. It’s the sanctuary I can’t wait to enter after a busy day working and parenting!