Creative Kids

Powerful Parenting: A Step by Step Mini-guide for Raising Courageously Creative Kids

Creativity is an important part of childhood and research has shown that as children grow older, they quickly lose their creative thinking skills. As a parent, you want to nurture your child’s creativity so it will continue to develop even as your child matures. Here are several simple steps for raising children who think creatively and aren’t afraid to show off their artistic side.

Creative Kids

Questions, Questions, Questions

Children are curious and they love to ask questions, questions that you may not always know the answer to. If you do not know the answer, take the time to do some research with your child, think of some creative way to do so, like visiting a museum, taking a virtual tour online or talking to an expert. If you do know the answer, don’t always give it up straight away. Ask your child what she thinks the answer might be and encourage her to find a way to check if she is right.

Get Creative With Colors

Any type of art project will stimulate your child’s creativity, whether you’re making collages with materials from the kitchen, baking cookies, sketching a landscape or photographing a sunset. Don’t be afraid to get messy, it’s all part of the creative process. Participate with her in her creative endeavors, even though you might not paint like Picasso, it will be more inspirational for her to see you join in. When you’re on the road, you can get creative with colors with the Coloring Book for Me & Mandala. You can learn more here.

Creative Kids Food

Have Fun Cooking

Cooking with your child can be great fun, and it’s also a creative way to teach them about healthy eating. It’s also a good chemistry lesson. If you child is older you can explain the chemical processes that occur when food is cooking. Once you’ve taught her the basics, let your child experiment for herself, as long as you’re there to supervise, and don’t be afraid to let them learn by mistakes.

Be a Model of Creativity

What is your personal creative outlet? Playing a musical instrument, knitting, jewelry making, or pottery? Whatever your favorite artistic practice is, let your child see you engaging in it. That way they are more likely to embrace creative activities themselves. Teach them your artistic skills and let them have a go, even if they’re not very good at first.

Creative Kids Music

Set Aside Creativity Time

Devote some time every day for creative endeavors. It doesn’t matter if it’s half an hour after dinner, or an hour before bedtime. Have the same time allocated every day means your child will be creativity alert at that time. Your creative time does not have to be rigorously structured. You can plan ahead if you like but leave some days open for uninhibited creativity, such as clay modeling, splash painting, sand sculpting, or collage making.

Following these guidelines can help you raise courageously creative kids who will go on to be creative adults.

Isabel Ford is a Mom and an educator who encourages free thinking and creativity. Her mission is to raise happy and healthy kids able to survive in our crazy modern world mentally, emotionally and physically.


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