Second Trimester Week 14-26 Baby Number 2

Hey Guys,
We are now in our third trimester so I wanted to update you on what happened in my second trimester.
I’ve had such an amazing pregnancy so far did you see my First Trimester Update? and I can not complain at all, I’ve really enjoyed it. From that I can remember with Hayden I was pretty miserable – my asthma was bad, I had gall stones and worked for one of the worst companies you can think of (scandalous) which caused a hell of a lot of stress. So it wasn’t as enjoyable as I hoped but I’m extremely happy in this one. I kind of don’t want this pregnancy to end – Never thought I would say that.

My little bump is growing so big now and its so exciting, I’ve actually gone and brought maternity clothes mainly from H&M. The tops are awesome but I’m not a fan of the bottoms at all. I don’t know if it’s because my thighs have gotten bigger but I’ve noticed at the thighs near the crutch the material bubbles really quickly. I really wouldn’t recommend bottoms from them at all. Their jeans are nice but expensive so if anything stick to their jeans.

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My Second Trimester Symptoms with baby number 2

Movement So excited to feel little cub move he’s a right little wiggler. Mr B got to feel little man move at about 19 weeks that was so exciting. He felt Hayden move at 18 weeks the night before our baby-moon to Egypt. Makes me think will the boys be similar. He’s not as active at the moment as his brother but I’m sure he’ll liven up. 

Bleeding Gums Brushing my teeth has become a bloody experience so I’ve been brushing a lot lighter and less often which isn’t ideal but saves on my having too much pain.

Back Pain The back pain is now kicking in especially after spending a long on my feet. After Hayden’s Halloween party I felt like my back was going to break in half but if I follow it up with some paracetamol and warm shower and a good nights sleep I am fine the next day thankfully.

Congestion: Hospital Visit We took a scary trip the A&E at 19 weeks. I had a splitting headache for a good few hours and nothing at all was shifting it. It then turned so bad that I had to lay down in the dark and not move. It hurt so bad that it actually made me cry. Mr B took me to the hospital because it felt like the start of the same head pains I had after I gave birth to Hayden and was readmitted to hospital. The conclusion was a headache, I couldn’t believe it but was sent home with Codeine and Paracetamol.

20 Week Scan We had our 20 week scan which we took Hayden to you can read all about my 20 Week Scan Update? There is a pretty cute gender revel.

My Second Midwife Appointment
I got to see my midwife today my official midwife that I will get to see all the time. She is absolutely lovely bubbly, friendly and really went over everything with me. I didn’t get to hear the babies heartbeat at the time but was booked to get my GTT.
Heartbeat: Not stated
Fundal Height:Not stated

Consultant Appointment
I was put under the consultant at the hospital because of my asthma, we discussed my asthma and my inhaler intake which isn’t very frequent at all surprisingly. Plan was to just take inhaler as and when.
Heartbeat: Not stated
Fundal Height: Not stated

My Weight: 71.3KG

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