long-distance move

How to prepare for a long – distance move

Whether you’re relocating for work, study or for a loved one, a long distance move is exciting – though it doesn’t come without its own unique set of challengesHere are some ways for long distance movers to make the transition as easy and smooth as possible:

Plan, plan, plan (and then plan some more)

A long distance move is a major life event; the best way to minimise hassle is to prepare as much as you can. Search for international moving companies at least three months in advance (potentially longer in the busier summer months) and ask for a number of quotes to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Start packing the items you don’t use often to ease the to-do list when the big move comes around.

long-distance move

Downsize and declutter

Moving across a country – or the world – rather than the across a city calls for a thorough evaluation of your belongings. Do you really want to ship that sofa you’ve never used around the globe? Ease the burden by only packing what you really want (and need).

Look after your stuff

Your prize possessions are likely to be handled by multiple people and bumped around on various modes of transport when you move home; make sure they arrive in one piece by packing them properly. Include plenty of padding or cushioning in each box and try to ensure that nothing is loose. Take extra care when sealing boxes. It’s also a good idea to insure valuable items in case the worst happens.

long-distance move

Keep home close

If you’re moving somewhere completely new, it’s natural to feel homesick for the first few months. Take plenty of photos with you and keep in touch with loved ones via Skype. Most importantly, remind yourself why you embarked on this exciting adventure – moving on quotes can be very helpful. We love this one: “if you’re brave enough to let go, life will reward you with a new hello.”


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