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Moving & Pregnancy: Why You Should Wait to Move House

Buying and selling a house has been named the second most stressful major life event, and women find it significantly more stressful than men. According to the 2015 Which? National Property Survey around 75% of women find moving house stressful, compared to just over 60% of men. With the added pressures and anxieties of pregnancy and planning for a child, it’s crucial that mums know their options and can make this period of life as stress-free as possible.

Many families move house to make room for a new member. Whether you need a new bedroom, access to a better school, or somewhere to store the abundance of baby gear, a new house is often an essential part of expanding your family. However, timing is crucial, and both pregnancy and housing markets can be unpredictable. If you are planning for a baby or are in the early stages of pregnancy, one of the most important considerations is whether you want to move before or after the baby is born. Here are some key points to make that decision easier.

Take advantage of maternity leave

All working women are entitled to a full year of leave after they have a child, while men can take up to 2 weeks paternity leave. With an improbable amount of baby duties and your own recovery to occupy most moments, there’s no denying that this time at home is not entirely your own. However, this is also an opportunity to start preparing for a house move.

Depending on how far away your potential new property sits, you may find the logistics of house hunting trickier in the early months. However, browsing properties online and dividing the house viewing responsibilities between you and your partner will be a huge help.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of moving during maternity and paternity leave is the additional time you have to plan. This extra time can yield a more cost-effective house clearance, reduce the amount of time you spend surrounded by boxes, and make settling in a new home much quicker. Even if the process takes longer than anticipated, you’re in a better position because there is no rush to complete the move before the baby comes.

Moving day doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Gauging a final moving day can be just as uncertain and unpredictable as the due date, but as soon as you have an idea of when you’ll be making the move you can start to rally together support. If you have friends or family who are willing to help out on the day then call in those favours. From packing and unpacking boxes to entertaining your older children, more hands on deck will give you and your partner a chance to focus on your newborn.

Professional removal companies can also be very understanding and considerate to families on moving day. If you are juggling many children then enlisting the help of moving professionals will give you more time to entertain and look after your family. Nationwide transport experts AnyVan will even arrive at your property with a giant, ready-built boxfort for your kids to romp around in while the removals team get to work. This is great for keeping them content and contained while you and the movers empty the house.

Realising what you need from your new space

Neither a baby shower or baby bump are a good indication of just how much room you will need when the baby comes. Once you start cleaning, feeding and caring duties you will notice how much more kitchen space you need, how many bathrooms, and so on. With these considerations in mind, you stand a much better chance of finding the right house for you and your family.

Pregnancy is unpredictable

Even if you have had children before, pregnancy is still incredibly unpredictable. No one can tell you how achy or tired you’ll feel, when you’ll go into labour or, for some mothers, whether you’re having a boy or girl. During pregnancy emotions fluctuate wildly. From excitement to apathy and anger, you may find that your feelings towards potential new houses, and the idea of moving are dictated entirely by your hormones.

House viewings can also be disrupted by pains or fatigue, clash with hospital appointments and be difficult to commit to. These problems can be even greater for parents in full time work, as finding the time to make preparations is even harder.

Once the baby is born, however, things will gradually start to settle down again and you will regain feelings of control. This, in conjunction with the other reasons listed here, is why waiting until after the birth gives you a much better chance of finding the right home for your new family.


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