FREE Desktop Calendar January 2017

Happy 2017 you lovely bunch
It’s a new month YEAR! Whoop Whoop! Raise your hand if your planning on getting organised this year.
I’ve tried my hardest to stay on top of things lately but with being within weeks of giving birth to cub the third trimester tiredness has struck and rather than sitting and working extra hard I’ve been juggling organising the house, work and bingeing on Greys Anatomy (OMG I LOVE THAT SHOW) and trying to stay on tip of life.

I’ve moved into my new 2017 Happy Planner, I actually moved in Dec I will show you some of my Dec spreads and I have moved into my A5 Doki Planner for work. It feels weird having more writing space as I was using my personal size in 2016.

What planners are you guys using this year?

Here are a bunch of fresh new calendar downloads from me to you 🙂
I’ve given you the New Start instalment of fun calendar wallpapers for your desktop and phones.

Don’t forget to pin & share with others 🙂

Download: Phone | Desktop

Download: Phone | Desktop

Download: Phone | Desktop

Download: Phone | Desktop


Like always if you’re loving a certain earlier pattern and would love it to be carried forward to the next month give me a shout and I’ll make it happen just send me a email or shout me on twitter.



Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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